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Photographers United

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Welcome to the one and only photography group on MuseScore!
I'm really looking forward to getting a community of photographers together here...

Obviously, please keep all of your comments and discussions nice (but I'm hoping that won't be a problem). ;)

I definitely recommend that you all join Shuttout! It's a great online platform where we can share our photos, enter contests, and vote on each other's work.
Also, using that link will give you a free $2 bonus once you enter any contest with a premium entry! (If you don't want the money, just go to :P)


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Welcome to the Boy Scouts of America group! This is where scouts in MuseScore can come together to hang out! When requesting to join, please put in your request, what rank you are in scouting.

NO: cussing of any kind, inappropriate/rude language.

Try to keep the scout Oath and Law in mind while in this group. Be nice, or you'll be kicked out.

Have a good time! And for those who have earned their Eagle Scout, there is a special group waiting for you (visit the link below).

The Remix-icions

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Firstly, everyone, please keep it family-friendly, thank you.

Hello fellow musecorians, or should I say remix-icions. Welcome to my group.
This is a group for remixes of all shapes and sizes. Feel free to post any of your remixes here... That's kinda it. Now you may be asking why I made this group. I made this group because I love remixes! Then why not just not make this group and make remixes? Because I FREAKIN' LOVE REMIXES!!! Remixes are fresh, remixes are bread, remixes are life. My remixes are *ahem* really good if I do say so myself. It may seem like I'm tooting my own horn a lot right now, and that's because I am. Is this group just a shameless plug? Basically, but It's also to share everyone's remixes and everyone's love for remixes. Cuz I LOOOVE remixes. Plus, who knows, I may even make some competitions.

Music Challenges

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This is where you can Challenge Each Other Musically Competitively or Jointly! (Three Examples of what this group is meant for:

-No profanity
-stay as active as possible
-no uploading scores unless they are made for challenge in this group
-The only discussions allowed are ones that contain challenges, Questions (About the group rules etc.), And Funny Things! XD
-Be honest (keep promises, don't lie, etc.)
-No Spamming
-Have Fun! (Don't take things too seriously!)

Violators will be warned or removed.
Enforcers may become admins.

The more active you are, the more likely you are to become a admin.
If you follow the rules and Subscribe to my YouTube Channel (And let me know you subscribed), I will make you a Admin.

Now Go Have Fun!!! =D
Best wishes,
Big pig.

French Tablature

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We MuseScore users can lead the way in for with online use of French Tablature for both plucked (ie., lute & theorbo) and bowed (ie., lyra viol) string instruments. We can benefit greatly by openly discussing our needs and discoveries here and promote the advantages of composing new music for this wide-open medium.

Eagle Scouts of America

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The one and only Eagle Scout group on MuseScore! Welcome to Eagle Scouts of America! This is where Eagle Scouts can come together to share music, talk, or share ideas. This group will generally be referred to as 'ESA'.


Rules: Just follow the Scout Oath and Law. NO cussing of any kind, innapropriate or offensive language, or spamming alowed. This is an official group. If you're accepted then congradulations on earning your Eagle! Not too many have achieve such a rank in scouting! Most importantly have fun, and know we'll all have your back as a brotherhood. Thanks!

Yours in Scouting,

Flutists Rock!!!

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Any one who plays flute, or needs flute music is encouraged to join. Anyone is welcome, though.

Modern Music

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Hi, I am the official modern composer on musescore and feel free to send any modern music to this group. you can send pop, rap, gothic, choir, rock etc. but it cant be classic music.
anyone can join and guaranteed request invites not rejected, there will be a contest in this group for the best score of modern music, the winner will be gifted pro for years. remember, no classic music and have fun composing ;D!


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Hello! And welcome! This group is purely for those who need help with anything that seems out of the ordinary or makes you feel uncomfortable or bullied. Jay and I are good at quickly responding so hey, great power comes great responsibility right? Also if you wanna add scores... then go ahead, don't see why not. If you need proof to get someone to be banned for something someone did, we're the detectives for you. We both are always glad to help! :D

- John

Hey guys! Title pretty much says it all. If you are being bullied, or you’ve found someone that’s been plagiarizing, please post a discussion about it. Bullying and inappropriate behavior, are two things that I will not stand for.
Please let us know if there is anyone that’s being mean, doing something inappropriate, or plagiarizing, so that we can all work together to stop or ban that user. :)


Virtuosic Pieces

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Put all your virtuosic pieces here
All instruments accepted

Beginners, Piano, Friends, Broadway, and FAITH!

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We chat about everything under the sun. I love the Lord and I love musicals! And also I have played piano for 5 years but have never composed before, so all the help I can get would be very much appreciated! Also I love to sing but am not to good.... any advice on that I would also very very grateful for.

Arrangement/video game competition

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I've decided to host my own competition for arrangers from all over. You can choose to arrange any concert band, orchestra percussion, or any ensemble you please. I'm also allowing video game arrangements.

To enter the competition you must first join the group, there will be more details on the actual page as far as submissions go

Wii group

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This is a Wii group. You can create discussions and post scores. Everything has to be Wii or Wii U related though.

1. No swearing or putting * down to try to blur it out some
2. No hating on others
3. All users are allowed unless they have rude or bad usernames. (Bad as in swearing)

Music Mashup 2

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A group for Music Lovers! Everyone's welcome!

-No bad language or swearing.
-Have fun!

MuseScore Overachievers

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Pushing pasts MuseScore's limits can be anything from making compositions that use completely other soundfonts, all the way to making an obese score. Got a powerful computer but your score still lags on playback? Perfect! The score should fit quite nicely here.

Rules (They can change, woah):

- No solo/small ensemble sheet music. Try to keep the score above 10 parts. I can always make exceptions. My preference is 25+ parts though, but 10 is the minimum requirement without exception.

- Use common sense. This includes being respectful to the members, no scamming, no threats, and stuff like that.

- No black midis. While they are chaotic, they don't always sound the best. Even if the black midi is an arrangement, they are still not allowed.

- Keep discussions relevant. You can post questions, thoughts, requests for help, and general topics. No roleplaying though. Sorry furries, we gotta control the young libtards who seek to wreak havoc in the name of Notch.


- Arrangements, transpositions, as well as compositions are welcomed.
- Yes, I'll accept AU themes.
- If you have a question about what to post, you can post a question asking if it's alright to post about it. You could also private message me.

Gaming Realm

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This is a place where you can post any music and, maybe make new friends!


1. Be appropriate


3. Be nice :)

For Jazzy Bois

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If you are into jazz, then you are welcome here. Please use your common sense when making posts. Other than that, there is only one rule: LICK JOKES ARE MANDATORY. You can use this group to post jazz that you have composed/arranged, ask questions about jazz, or ask for people's advice about technique, writing ideas, etc.

Video Game Lead Sheets

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Please feel free to post your own VGM lead sheets! Discussion and constructive criticism are encouraged so that we can check each other's work for any mistakes and inconsistencies regarding melody, chord changes, rhythm, form, engraving, etc. Please be respectful when giving feedback, and please be accepting of helpful feedback.

If you want, you may include a youtube audio source on the score so that viewers can listen to the original track while they follow along with the sheet music.

Please do not post another person's lead sheet without their permission. If you intend to use the lead sheets here for any purpose, please ask permission first. DO NOT post any works other than music from video games.

For any questions as to what constitutes as a lead sheet, please ask a moderator. Good examples of lead sheets are those used in the Real Books and other fake books.

Lead Sheet advice:
-Try to use rehearsal marks to show the form.
-Include the title of the track, the game and year of release, the composer(s), and transcriber.
-Use good engraving to make sure the lead sheet is easy to read and looks tidy.
-Be consistent with chord symbols (Ex. use either "-", "m", OR "min" for minor chords, etc.).
-Employ consistent use of fonts (symbol and text fonts).
-For some songs, it's best to have a certain number of measures on each line (Ex. use 4 measures per line on songs with 4-bar phrases).

The Second Renassiance

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Hello! Welcome to the Second Renaissance. We are here to provide help on writing music, learning how to play music, and bringing back the true meaning to music. Join us if you wish to see all "old" music to make a come back, and to be appreciated again.