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THE Competition Group!

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This group hosts composing competitions, playing competitions, arranging competitions, and much more!

CLICK HERE to see the status of our current contest and to vote (when available).

This group is open to everyone; there is no membership hurdle because we really do want you to JOIN THIS GROUP! :D

Just a few rules:
1. No cursing (or even pretending to...)
2. No being rude (in any form...)
3. No being creepy (you know what I mean...)
4. Have fun (or at least try to...)
5. No spamming (no matter the reason...)
6. LOVE MUSIC (or at least like it...)

7. Oh, and please do not use this group to host your own competitions! All such competitions will be immediately deleted.

Guaranteed Comments

69 discussions • 176 scores • 91 members

Hey everyone! The title is pretty self explanatory. Any sheet music that you post IN this group, I will personally leave a comment on it. And if I miss any, you can let me know, so I can comment on it.
Feedback is very appreciated on this website, and this is the group to join for a 100% guarantee of comments on your scores. Hopefully other people will comment on your scores here, but you can definitely expect one from me. This is also a discussion group, so feel free to make some discussions about whatever. Just please obey the following rules.

1. No swearing
2. No inappropriate talk of any kind
3. No bullying
4. No discrimination
5. Don’t be mean
6. No spam
7. No trolling
8. Brush and floss daily
9. Wear your seatbelt

Fail to keep these rules, and I may have to remove you. And I don’t wanna do that. :)

Let’s make this one of the best groups on Musescore!

I will see you in the discussions! :D


Jay and John's Challenges

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Created: December 16th 2018

Welcome to our music challenge group! Here, we will be holding a contest, every month or two, for compositions! I, or John, will give out a list of the requirements for the piece, such as a cord progression, the duration of the piece, etc.
Please join! Whether you wanna compose something for the challenge, or just give support to the challengers. This is going to be super fun. Hope to see you in the discussions!

Me or John, will also post random little challenges just for fun. We will tell you about who’s judging them etc. The challenges will be simple little fun things. If you win, It will be announced in the group, and we will send you a personal contact if possible, congratulating you. If you win for a music challenge, you will possibly receive a follow by me and John, a favorite, comment, and maybe something else. (No one will receive a gift or pro, or receive any money).

Also, please don’t put any scores in this group that aren’t for the challenge. :)


P.S. If we could also please keep our talking clean, with no swearing and be nice to each other, that would be wonderful. If you do any of these things, we will have to remove you, and that’s not what we want to do.

This group is going to be fun! If you like competition, writing music, or even just staying updated with the contestants, this is the place to be. So please join! Jay and I are looking forward to seeing what you got! Looking forward to seeing you all! I'm excited to see your talent!

Remember, be a good sport! No offensive language or bullying behavior of any kind or you will have to be removed from the group (see rules). And we really don't want to have to do that. 😁

Don't forget to visit our connected group "Promoting Songs" to promote winner's songs for contests! This will allow your score to spread fast!


MusiComp Prompts!! [MCP]

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Hello there! :) Welcome to MusiComp Prompts, aka MCP.

Are you in the midst of composer's block? Or maybe you're looking for a challenge, or a chance to try something new with your composing, or a little friendly competition with your fellow MuseScorers. If so, this is the perfect place for you!

This is a group where I will be posting prompts for you guys to fulfill, should you like to. If you know what a writing prompt is - basically, I will be posting that, only we will be answering them in the form of music, not writing.

You don't have to answer all of the prompts - unless you really want to, then by all means answer all of them - but rather, answer the ones that interest you and inspire you. These prompts are here for you to do with them as you would like.

Each prompt will always be open for anyone to use, but if you wish to submit your response to a prompt for actual judging, I ask that you submit your response no later than three weeks after the prompt is opened. Even after that you may submit responses, and I will try to listen to them all, but you will not be eligible for judging. I will open a discussion in which I post all of the "winners" of all of the prompts. I will release the judging rubrics in a discussion as well.

Goals of this group: to help everyone grow as musicians in various areas, to improve composition skills, to prevent and cure composer's block, and to have fun!!!

Four Prompt Types:
1. Theory Prompts - For those who would like to improve the more theoretical aspects of their compositions, Theory Prompts are the ones for you! These prompts will challenge you to write in modes or with instruments, chord progressions, and time signatures that you have never worked in before, all to improve the music theory aspects of your composing.
2. Concept Prompts - If you're looking to improve how you portray things through your music, Concept Prompts are the way to go. Concept Prompts will generally be one word (i.e. "cat" or "water"), and you may interpret and portray them however you like through your musical response to the prompt.
3. Emotion Prompts - Emotion Prompts are here to help you improve your portrayal of emotion through music. Making music emotional is one of the things most newer composers struggle with most, but we're going to try and fix that with these! Prompts may be as vague as "sadness" or as specific as "depression" (as in, actual clinical depression).
4. Story Prompts - Story Prompts are essentially exactly what they sound like, in that these prompts will generally ask you to tell a story with your musical response. These will be the most specific prompts, yet also the most open-ended, because while they start out with a specific concept, you can take that story and portray it and end it however you like through your music. Prompts could be something along the lines of "You won the lottery! What do you do your victory dance to?"

Note - This group has only three rules, but they are important, and I ask that you stick to them:
1. Be nice to everybody! Constructive criticism is okay, but please, no outright hate. Also, avoid swearing and obscenity, so that nobody feels too uncomfortable to participate.
2. Break out of your comfort zone! Test yourself and your composition skills. Even if you don't think you can do something, give it a try. You may find a new style that you like.
3. Most importantly, HAVE FUN! This group is here for YOU. We are here to help YOU, so that YOU can have fun with your music and feel inspired even at your lowest.

All right! Let's do this! Love you guys!! <3

P.S. If you have any ideas for prompts, PLEASE contact me through MuseScore, through my website, or email them to me! I am trying to keep this as organized and easily accessible as possible by being the only one posting weekly prompts, but I would still LOVE to hear and include your ideas. :)

The Nerd Music Group

24 discussions • 187 scores • 65 members

Post your music to this group for a sounding board for ideas and changes. Competitions will be held occasionally. So Enjoy!!!

Competitions, Collaboration, and Creations!

14 discussions • 44 scores • 62 members

Welcome to the Musescore Competitions, Collaborations, and Creations group, naturally controlled by RSA, as all things should be.

This group is what is says on the tin, really: Compete, collaborate, and create, but here's a few more detail

COMPETE: I will run competitions occasionally, but not very often, as I can be very busy at times.
If you are involved in a competition in any way, and would like to get more people to join, please feel free to advertise your competition groups here.

COLLABORATE: This can be as simple as asking for advice on your compositions, or as much as looking for someone to work on a piece together with, or even asking for someone to score a YouTube video or short movie. Whatever you like, really.

CREATE: Share you compositions, arrangements, and scores. If you wrote it, post it. If you arranged it, post it. If you produced it, post it! We are open here!

- No vulgar language.
- Be nice. No mean criticism, only constructive and helpful advice.
- No racism, sexism, homophobia etc.
- No spamming. I don't want to wake up with 900000 messages every day.

So, enjoy yourselves! Create, compete, and collaborate. Wrong way around.

Compete, collaborate, create.

- Joe

The Worldwide MuseScore Competition!

12 discussions • 51 scores • 60 members

Welcome to the Worldwide MuseScore Competition!

Our goal is to give composers from all over the world a chance to show off their composition skills by competing. Here are some things you'll need to know about this group:

- People of all ages and experience levels are welcome to participate.
- Please DO NOT use curse words or insulting language. If any is found in this group, the user will be banned.
- DO NOT post images or GIFs
- DO NOT post discussions unless you are an administrator and/or judge.

- Only upload scores that are to be entered into the competition.
- Mark each entry with (TWMC #_) next to the title on the front page of the score AND MuseScore upload.
- Please upload ONLY original compositions that do not contain lyrics. Arrangements or transcriptions will be removed from the group and disqualified from the competition.

(Rules will be updated if needed.)

Community Remix Competitions

18 discussions • 194 scores • 46 members

(PLEASE READ! This column contains the group rules.)
One day, feeling dissatisfied with all of the "competition" groups out there that either close down after their first competition or run on a tournament system (thereby preventing new members from joining), I stumbled across a group called "DaKook Remix Competition." In that group, each competition was centered around remixing a piece from a video game within certain restrictions. However, another option for many of the competitions was to remix a piece made by DaKook himself. This got me thinking... Why are very few people on Musescore willing to post their pieces at anything less than "All Rights Reserved" (thus preventing people from arranging them)? I understand that some users monetize their compositions elsewhere, but even those who don't, or don't even plan on ever doing so, often post them "All Rights Reserved" anyway.
All this led me to create this group, whose basic premise is this: Members post scores here that they are willing to allow other people to rearrange. The scores posted here also have to have been composed by a Musescorer at some point (this does mean that you can post arrangements of scores composed by other Musescorers as well). Every so often, I will post a competition announcement outlining the restrictions and deadline for a competition. People then have until the deadline to arrange, remix, or somehow substantially alter one of the pieces in this group within the given restrictions. After submissions close, the submitted pieces will be judged on several criteria, which may differ from contest to contest.
I will post the first contest once this group has at least five members and five scores.

The Composers

12 discussions • 77 scores • 46 members

You think you can compose and arrange? If yes, this group is for you!
Use this group for anything: Have contests on whatever you want, arrange, and compose. Discuss random things! :P
Share experience, give tips, and share your music!
Admin Rules:
1. You can delete discussions and comments that you think are inappropriate, but if you're not sure, please contact me.
2. Don't do anything for personal gain. Don't blackmail people.
3. If you break one of these 2 rules, you will be disqualified as an admin.

Isaac Glover Non-Pro Composition competition

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This is a competition used for the non-pro users who would like to be able to showcase more of their work, and the only way to get this done is to get a pro account. This competition will allow the non-pro users to be able to showcase their skills as well as to get a chance to be rewarded a pro account (which will be paid for by me).

There will be one winner selected from the two categories (large ensemble and small ensemble). The selected winners will receive:
1. A one month pro-membership account paid for
2. Their winning piece will be put through the superior Noteperformer playback and will receive an MP3 recording and they can post it wherever they want
3. Receive criticism for their work (though this is not to be taken seriously)

1. Send an e-mail to stating you are interested in the comp.
2. When sending your e-mail expressing your interest, each user must provide a link to their profile in order to prove that they are not a pro user. Every link will be looked in to. Additionally, each user must state which category they are composing for: a large ensemble or a small ensemble (NOTE: EACH COMPETITOR CAN ONLY COMPETE IN ONE CATEGORY)
3. Any accounts that have only been made more recent than the announcement of the comp will be ignored
4. Any accounts that have no scores posted at all will be ignored.

1. Compositions must be annotated properly, like you would for a real score (e.g. adding slurs, staccatos, tempo markings, rehearsal marks etc.). Additionally, dynamics are a MUST!
2. Your compositions must be titled necessarily and must show your name (or your Musescore username for the sake of anonymity).
3. The work must be completely original and must be done individually! No group work will be accepted
4. Proper notation is extremely important. If you are adding timpani rolls or cymbal rolls, please use the appropriate tremolo marks and do not use multiple nonuplet rhythms.
5. Be creative with your work, do not go overboard unless you believe it is necessary with the context of your piece
6. The composition must be brand new, and not something you have already published. Additionally, when you completely your composition, do not post it onto Musescore until winner is announced.

Mastering MuseScore

36 discussions • 10 scores • 40 members

If you are looking for information on how to use MuseScore, this is the place for you!

Group admin Marc Sabatella is Director of Education for MuseScore, one of the developers of the software, and the author of the comprehensive guide Mastering MuseScore. Let Marc be your expert guide as you explore our companion website - the ultimate resource for learning the world's most popular music notation software!

Meanwhile, feel free to take part in the discussions here on the official Mastering MuseScore group on

Competitive Musecore Musicians

21 discussions • 3 scores • 38 members

Welcome to the Competitive Musescore Muscians group, or the CMM group! The point of this group is really simple: COMPETE! This group will be holding monthly competitions to get your music heard, get feedback, and to have fun while competing with other to find out who is the best composer!
The competitions will follow a bracket system: 16 or 32 composers (8 if were short) will produce a score based on the restrictions and requirements for that round, and turn them in for judging (Mostly unbiased because remember: your having 1 guy judge these pieces and humans have no possible way to be unbiased, so it is as unbiased as I can get (Which is pretty unbiased)). After that, new requirements and restrictions for another round until there is one winner!
Of course, some people are going to complain about that system, so every once-and-a-while I will do a competition for anyone and everyone where the best score wins from the first round! I HOPE YOU ENJOY THIS GROUP!


2 discussions • 3 scores • 35 members

HEYYYYYY GUYS!!!!! This group is just created for competitions. It's FFA (as the title) so anyone can join and compete!!! A competition will be held every month! Anyway, here are some rules you have to obey while you're in this group.

1. No plagiarism! (No exceptions and will be removed).

2. No foul language (of any kind, includes bullying and offensive language otherwise you will be removed).

3. No Spamming! If any spamming is detected, that particular spam will be deleted. If it persists, that particular person will be deleted.

4. Please add scores which are intended for a challenge ONLY. You can add some other scores occasionally, but try to limit them.

5. Scores intended for competitions must be added to this group once completed so that the judges can have easy access to them.

6. Only people that have signed up for a particular competition can apply a score for that competition. Only ONE score from a single participant is accepted.

7. Enjoy your time here!!!


Legendian's Follower Group

15 discussions • 26 scores • 35 members

HELLO! Welcome to my follower group! This is where I'll have all my followers join to talk, share scores, share ideas or to just visit! I hold my followers in high regards, and I thought a group for you is a pretty good way for me to get to know you all better, and to just hang out! I would really like to get to know you all because I will be leaving MuseScore soon after the creation of my website where I'll post my 100|Follower composition, and I want to get to say something special about all of you in my shout out. I've made sure to make this composition as special as possible for all of you, as something to remember me by along with my other scores on here.

My hope is that this group will stay in memory of me, that my followers will carry on my legacy.

When I create my website, don't forget to clink the link I will post on my profile here to stay updated with new songs I'll be creating on it.

Benefits for following me include: becoming a member of my group, and getting a shout out for the end creation of my 100 follower composition!

Feel free to post anything you want! Make sure to post your scores too if you'd like!

Rules: Please,
NO bullying
NO rude language
NO rude/offensive comments
NO spamming

Most importantly, have a great time!!

-John Lavingstony
(Ian) :D


11 discussions • 121 scores • 33 members

History happened here (kinda)
Then it died.
If you’re curious about what happened, message Jaybird1.

A LOT of history happened here.
And it's dead.
Message Jaybird1, he'll tell you all about it. xDD

Christian Flute and Piano

5 discussions • 5 scores • 32 members

Anything, that is Christian, associated with the Flute and/or Piano.

Please do not use inappropriate language.
Please do not add scores that are not religious. (If you don't know if it would be considered religious, than please contact the owner.)
Please be kind and do not condemn people.
No spamming.
Comments, and scores containing anything against the rules will be deleted.
Thank you!

Musescore Competition group

7 discussions • 8 scores • 30 members

Every month (or other time period I choose) I will give the group a challenge and a due date for when it has to be finished. You can post your song for the challenge at any time as long as it follows the challenges I give you. If it doesn't follow the challenges, I will delete it. How we determine the winner is this: Under a discussion called Votes that I will make, you can post which song you like best so far. You can only give 1 vote and It can't be your song (If you have one for the challenge). On the Due Date, I will see who has the most votes (there can be a tie) and they will win! If you win your username, the song you won with, and a comment from me will be displayed in a discussion called Hall of Fame! Feel free to make any discussion, invite friends, or anything else as long as it follows the rules listed below. Rules: Before you join you have to promise: 1. No bad or offensive chat. 2. Love music 3. Have FUN! If you don't follow rule number 1 in some way you will be kicked out (but you can rejoin). This group is Moderated (membership requests must be approved). I hope you have fun and maybe win!

Weekly Composition Competition

4 discussions • 88 scores • 25 members

This is a group where I post the weekly competition with its rules/genres and stuff, and YOU write the music for it! Winner of each weekly competition selects the next topic. Keep in mind the topic MUST be broad enough.

Piano Music for Everyone

10 discussions • 45 scores • 21 members

Let's all find some good piano music. And let's share everything. Rules:
1. No swearing
2. No rude remarks
3. Help others & this group
4. Have fun & enjoy being with us!!!!