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The Master Arrangers

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Post your arrangements here!

1.) No swearing, name calling, bickering, etc.
2.) No insulting people's scores. Please comment on people's scores, but don't criticize harshly. Constructive criticism only.
3.) Please show respect to everyone.
4.) If you break a rule excessively (I will be the judge of that, though I will be fair), you will be expelled from the group.
5.) Have fun! This group is here solely for your benefit. We aim to help each other become better arrangers.

The Musescore Academy

56 discussions • 2.5K scores • 474 members

Hi there! I know that I am where I am today because of all of the people that I've met, all of the people I've learned from, all of the people I've taught, all of the people who helped me get to where I am. I also know that there is a lot of accumulated wisdom out there, but there's also a lot of drive to be great out there too. I made this group in hopes that we could all share our accumulated wisdom, and that we could all strive to learn from each other and grow as musicians. There's a lot of knowledge out there. Let's share some of it!

Original Classical Composers Club

64 discussions • 1.9K scores • 472 members

Welcome to the Original Classical Composers Club (OCCC). This is NOT a board for posting arranged or transcribed music by classical composers. This is a club dedicated to original compositions that have a classical "flair" to them.


25 discussions • 3.9K scores • 466 members

The aim is to create a repository of keyboard music composed for instruments such as the piano, harpsichord, organ, synthesiser and digital keyboard to more specialist and obscure instruments e.g. hurdy gurdy or celeste.

It is hoped that all music submitted will be performable and of a good standard.

Music can be in any style and for any level of difficulty. It would be useful if both the style (genre) and difficulty level (perhaps on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being beginner level and 10 being virtuoso) are given in the description and tags.

Musescore Drumline

64 discussions • 277 scores • 464 members

Musescore Drumline - tips, tricks, questions, support, ideas, and more.

Disney Group

16 discussions • 145 scores • 462 members

I've been looking around through the groups
and I noticed there was no specific Disney group.

I thought it was my duty to start this group because of my transcripting history,
and I've seen quite some music from movies like The lion king, Mulan, several pixar movies,
Narnia, etc.

All Disney lovers, young and old, are invited to join this group

If you happened to have one or several qualitative arrangements from any Disney movie, you are welcome to post them here.

All subjects on Disney or music are permitted in the forum, but advertising non-relative is not allowed.

French horn Players

24 discussions • 232 scores • 443 members

Welcome! This place is for horn players. This is for people to talk about horn related topics and compositions/scores. Thank you for joining! Enjoy!


56 discussions • 332 scores • 441 members

This group is for people who like the MUSIC of Pokemon, you can still be in it if you like the actual Pokemon but don't post random things.

MuseScore Updates and Statuses

10 discussions • 0 scores • 433 members

Welcome to the blog of the MuseScore team for MuseScorers.

P.S. All topics from non-team members will be removed.

P.P.S. But Feel free to comment!

Composing as a Career

50 discussions • 2.1K scores • 433 members

This is a group designed for students of all ages to share their unique compositions. As a junior at Denver School of the Arts, I find music to be a very important asset in my future as a musician (well... at least I realllllllly hope to become a musician :P) Anybody is welcome to join this group, just please... keep it clean :)

Pep Band

18 discussions • 258 scores • 433 members

Everything related to Pep Band, Basketball Band, Stand Tunes and more.

The Debate Group

363 discussions • 12 scores • 432 members

This group will host all of this site's debating, especially to avoid cluttering up other groups with our debates. You can join no matter what your beliefs are.

- Be courteous. No insulting (in addition to people that also applies to beliefs, to a degree), profanity, or general hating. Be reasonable and fair (Civility is the goal here). Don't look down on someone because of their beliefs as we're all equals here. Make sure you target the beliefs themselves, not the people. Don't get too personal, and BE MATURE.
- Don't be afraid to say "I don't know."
- keep the discussions on debates only. Advertising scores is strictly prohibited.
Also, Try to keep the topics as clean as possible, with the titles of neutral opinion.
-respond to all opinions as valid, even if they look completely ridiculous.

Let's stick to the rules, because us admins don't like to have to enforce stuff. If you feel like a member is being unruly, or, if us moderators aren't doing our jobs well enough, PM us by going to our profile pages and clicking on the mail icon (but don't create a discussion about it). Here are some suggestions to help you check whether your comment follows the rules listed above:

-use logical and coherent arguments with evidence to back up your claims.
-Don't let emotions overtake your ability to clearly think and respond to arguments. If you get emotional, don't post, it is probably the quickest way you'll say something you will regret later on.
-Try to learn something from the other debaters. Although you are probably not going to change their minds about the subject, in a successful debate you will end up becoming extremely well informed in what their beliefs are, giving a better understanding of life and the world around you.
-view all opinions as valid, even if they look completely ridiculous.
-Double check all of your posts before sending them. Sometimes in the heat of the moment we might type something we wouldn't want other people to see later.

But above all just have fun.


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A. Bohman

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Composing For The Joy Of Composing

55 discussions • 2.7K scores • 428 members

This group is for people who compose:
-Concert Music
-Piano Solos
Every week I will pick a piece by one of you to be featured!


19 discussions • 203 scores • 419 members

This page was created for trombone scores.

Musescore Virtual Orchestra Group

144 discussions • 81 scores • 417 members

This is a group where we work together, decide on compositions to perform and collectively, create beautiful music.
Everything we undertake will be huge, it will require the help of everyone! The more active members and participants, the grander it will be. Much like Eric Witacres's Virtual Choir, we will be compiling recordings of different groups of people, some ensembles small and others much more grand, into one track and presenting it to Musescore, Youtube, and other Social Media outlets to help spread the word about the MVO.

Creativity is key here and we will need everyone working together to make this orchestra come to life!

Please do not post any unrelated music! This includes:
-compositions AND arrangements that we have not performed
-compositions AND arrangements that we have no intent of performing
-pretty much anything that hasn't been explicitly OK'd in the most current discussions (even if you have something you'd like us to try, post a link to the score in a new/related discussion and ask everyone's opinion first!)

How to sign up: Fill in the form which is found at . Then you can just start to participate!

Here's our youtube channel:
Subscribe to see our latest videos as they come out!

If you want to contact the admin team, you're welcome to email to
(Rules updated August 5, 2017)

Counterpoint and Fugue

35 discussions • 2.2K scores • 399 members

This is a group for counterpoint and fugue. Music that would be welcome here would include contrapuntal works by masters such as Bach or Palestrina, or your own contrapuntal compositions. Unfinished works are welcome if you intend to finish them and want comments by other musicians.

If you have a composition you would like the members to look at, just post it to the group. DO NOT post to the discussion board "I've written a new piece, take a look!" The discussion board is a resource for those who want to know more about counterpoint and fugue, where questions and answers are welcome.