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Anime Lovers

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Just post anime musics, arrangements, transcriptions and all anime stuff.
You can also share with us some video game's music or everything you want but I prefere you to stay with anime stuff ^^
This group is also here to talk with other users ^-^
Just have fun <3


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Hello, and welcome to Deltarune. This is a group founded by Mr_MusicGuy to create a collection of transcriptions from the Deltarune game by toby fox.


1. Don't be a cancerous undertale fan, I'm a fan of the music not the fandom.

2. Don't add anything but Deltarune pieces,

3. Respect everyone, and don't insult someone because they have a different opinion than you.

4. If any rules are broken, or you do anything I or any other admin thinks is worthy, you will be banned.

Epic Orchestral Music

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Our Mission in 3 points:

1- Write Epic Sounding Music

2- Share Comments on Epic Music

3- Epicly Unite all of Musescore in Epic ways

What makes music Epic?

-The Chord Progression

-The Melody's rhythm

-And the choice of instruments

-And MUCH more!


My vision:

I see this competition being a nation wide event that gathers all composers of all ages and of all different areas of experience together. Together to compete for many prizes such as money, scholarships, tickets to special events, etc.

A Request:

I want you guys to help me achieve this dream. I really have a desire for us to achieve this together as a community! A Musescore Community! I think we can do this and if you think we can too then we should join forces and EPICLY unite!


How? I have no clue. Making this competition known and getting money from donors to fund this project is an EPIC start!

All you need to do:

All you need to do is ONE or MORE of these things!
-Join the competitions as a participant or judge
-Advertise this competition through multiple sources
-Share your music with the world
-Communicate with others in this movement
-Be willing to volunteer for leadership opportunities and maybe even be one of the main contributors to this movement

Im counting on YOU to be Epic enough to step up to this challenge. How epic are you? I think your epic to me! Lets do this!! :D

Traditional folk music

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This group is a place where music scores of traditional folk music from all cultures can be gathered in one place.

Hans Zimmer

8 discussions • 148 scores • 228 members

Musical Emotion

14 discussions • 1.4K scores • 227 members

-to let us all hear the music that makes you cry (please no nonsense music)
-to get your music heard. Admins will listen to everything you post in this group. :D
-to give advice. It is asked that you comment on others music.
Thank you! :D

@Admins: Please delete music off of here that doe not fit the criteria :)

laugh silly (bizarre, nonsense, joke, inanity, crazy, humor, absurd, jokes, fun, and serious too)

81 discussions • 1.4K scores • 225 members

2025 not sure about the DYDD, there's something about his eyes, the way he is looking at me, must be careful must be caref

2024 the DYDD rescued me from the zombies by forcing me to breathe smoked banana skins. Not sure how long we can avoid them, must not fall asleep

2023 I have no complaints, we will absorb you, there is no where you can hide, join us, be free of ..

2022 hiding out in a basement living on canned goods and recycled water, they can't find me here, someone's coming...

2021 attacked by brain-sucking zombies, the world seems doomed

2020 with perfect vision It is clear what is in store, and I don't mean grocery store.

2019 back from distant lands, I am not doing contests but any member may start one here especially if the are giving away money prizes or free bananas.

2019 not running any contests anymore, ran out of banana prizes, sorry
take the time to compose something silly

2016 begin again another year, more silliness, musescore discussions, contests, laughs, and serious music

We have lots of contests and tend to write fun and silly original compositions. We try to have a contest every month or so. Contest currently open include:
The Musical Signature Contest ending Jan 15-create a composition based on your name, a sort of cryptogram, assigning notes to letters. It's fun, try it.
New Year contest ending Jan 31- write a composition celebrating the new year just for fun. It can be serious or silly.
Love Song contest ending in mid February- write an original love song. It can have lyrics if you want and can be serious or silly.
March Madness contest ending April 1 appropriately- Anything goes for this contest, be creative and silly and wild and totally mad (in a nice way). Everyone welcome.
We also have a Film Music contest ending April 30. That should be fun.
Solo Instrument contest ending June 30- write an original composition for the instrument of your choice. It can be unaccompanied or with piano or orchestra if you like or, what the hey, it can be a duet or quartet or 50 harmonica band piece just so it focuses on one shining instrument.
Now, we have a Halloween Music Contest ending Oct 31 of course and already have some great entries. So join in the fun.
We also have a guess the melody contest in which you can try to name the composer and title of music from an arrangement we put together. And we have a Famous composer challenge in which you can match up the names of composers to brief descriptions about the composer. All in fun.
Members are welcome to start their own contests or discussions in this group as well.

The administrator, Chinadoll, writes comments to every composition submitted to the group and tries to include encouragement and positive critical advice or suggestions. Anyone is welcome to join.

Visit our websites at to vote for the best music composition and composer in our group and also visit the DYDD site for pure silliness and mayhem featuring the adventures of the Downy Yellow Dinge Dork, a nearly (some would say, hopefully soon) extinct bird
Listen to more Chinadoll music (under the name dshostakovich) at

De-Composers (We Take Stupid Seriously)

27 discussions • 740 scores • 222 members

Silly scores, Dumb titles for serious scores, Parodies or goofy renditions of works, Crazy/Silly/Dumb lyrics, pieces written out of mere boredom, drunkenness, or just for fun. Formed this group (though I'm relatively new here) because i did not see a similar group, and noticed that many people employ a sense of humor in their works that sometimes gets (or can get) misunderstood otherwise.

Kpop Arrangements

8 discussions • 101 scores • 215 members

You don't have to be an amazing arranger or transcriber to join this group! You can even join just to see the wonderful things that other people have created.

Relatively Inexperienced Composers

23 discussions • 1.3K scores • 208 members

Have you gotten interested in composing for fun, but have no idea what you're doing? Have you gotten fairly good at composing through experience? Are you looking for tips and and advice/helpful comments that will improve your skills? Then maybe if some people join this group they can help each other out a little.

Also, if you are an experienced composer out to do good in the world by helping younger composers, it would be great if you could comment on the stuff written by people in this group.

Two Steps from Hell

21 discussions • 92 scores • 206 members

A great Hello to every Two Steps from Hell fan!
Open new discussions, post sheets and have fun :)

Classical Composers

2 discussions • 1.2K scores • 202 members

The future of Orchestral music
Welcome to the group


83 discussions • 255 scores • 202 members

For all composer to unite through competition and raising others skills and talents!


It would be nice to not have songs other than submissions in the group but I can tolerate some not being submissions. The main reason for it is so judges can easily spot the scores submitted into the current competitions.

Thank you everyone! And be you, be true. be EPIC!!! :D


Beautiful compositions

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You are good at composing so you are in this group. Make A-lot of music and good luck.

Pit Is Love, Pit is Life.

13 discussions • 216 scores • 201 members

The World Needs More Pit Arrangements! And this is the perfect place for them to go
Only one rule for compositions/arrangements submitted to the group: The majority of the instruments used must be some kind of percussion instrument or other instrument commonly found in a percussion ensemble.

The Awesome Piano Players

13 discussions • 629 scores • 198 members

In this group, we will share piano music and help eachother become piano players. This group is also connected to The Master Composers. So we will have a completion every once in whil to decide who goes and competes in their competion.

Harry Potter

7 discussions • 64 scores • 197 members

Welcome to my group.
Start discussions, add sheets and have fun

Tim :)

High School Composers Competition!

59 discussions • 164 scores • 194 members

Upload your best compositions to this group and as soon as we get enough scores, we'll judge them and declare a winner! :)

There are some rules that you must follow:

1. -- Keep ALL your scores and comments clean of all foul language, lewdness, or any kind of stuff that might be considered offensive. We want to keep this competition enjoyable for everyone involved.

2. -- Scores will be judged at the deadline set in the discussions.

3. -- Any composition style or instrumentation is accepted.

4. -- Only one score can be submitted per person, per competition! any additional scores will disqualify all! (so only one at a time!)

5. -- It is required that anyone posting scores to this group put HSCC #_ after the name of their submission. If you don't, the score will not be judged.

6. -- Please keep your score under 10 minutes. Any scores over 10 minutes will be penalized (there's a 30 seconds margain of error).

7. -- Last but most certainly not least, all scores should be original compositions. However, If an arrangement is submitted, the score will be judged, but it will not receive any musicality (the themes' quality category) points.

The scores will be judged by three full-time judges:
-- Robin M. Butler
-- Dun Ought
-- Alla Polacca
and one guest judge -- currently Dillweed12345.

Works are judged in three main categories:
1. -- the quality of work itself - total of 250 points:
50 points - quality of themes
50 points - themes' development
50 points - form of the work
50 points - originality
50 points - coloristics and instrumentation
2. -- the quality of score - total of 28 points:
10 points - legibility of score
8 points - rules of scores' editing
10 points - correct use of musical terms
3. -- engagement in listening to the work - 10 points.
Grand total is 288 points. After works get those points awarded, they are converted to percents, then the percent is removed and we have nice --/100 points.

There are also some penalties that may be charged:
1. -- if the work is longer than 10 minutes - 5 points
2. -- if some parts are unplayable - up to 250 (!) points
3. -- if the work doesn't follow the editions' requirements - 10 points.

For further reading, see the constitution:
or the interpretation:

The winner receives bragging rights only. (Though once/if we get going, there may be some prizes eventually.) ;P

MuseScore Kingdom

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'Sup guys, this is trolol3000!

This is the MuseScore Kingdom, a group solely based on fantasy! If ya'll like fantasy stuffs, why not join the group?

Anyone is welcome, but here is these simple rules:

1. Don't be mean.
3. Participate in what's up. Get involved :D

Thanks! - trolol3000