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Challenge for a piece?

Let's try a challenge for composers: make a piano piece only for one hand (you can pick either one but you have to keep using it for the rest of the piece). The hard part about this challenge is that it should sound like it is for two hands (it helps if you listen to your piece while closing your eyes). You can notate it for two staves or one; it doesn't matter as long as it's not impossible to play and it sounds as though two hands are playing the piece.

This isn't really a competition as much as it is giving new ideas/a challenge. If you do try to do it, then post the link to your work in this discussion. Have fun! :)

Here's mine:

EDIT: Wow, this discussion is starting to become quite noticed; glad that more people are taking on the challenge! Maybe we should do a competition someday for one-handed pieces :D

What do you look like?

I have lightish brown hair, that’s short on the sides, long in the middle. It’s not like a mohawk, it’s taken more to the side, and it’s not wild, but more neat. I have dark brown eyes, glasses (more of that rectangular-square style), I’m just shy of 5’10. Uhhhh what else... I’m trim... I currently have braces.
I think that describes me.

Clothing... if it’s casual, my shoes are always Vans. I’m always wearing jeans (more slim fit) cuffed, and I usually wear a T-Shirt or a button up. Usually it’s like a Rock & Republic type T-Shirt, but I also wear long sleeved more stylish shirts and nice button up shirts. My style is super casual, I like, never wear stuff with logos. I like matching my outfits and making sure stuff blends well.
Sometimes, people think it’s weird that I’m a guy that’s really into style and looking nice. But hey, just because I blow dry my hair doesn’t mean I’m weird. 😂 So, yeah! I think that describes how I look. What about you?