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Copying works 2

I wrote an arrangement of XXX tentacion's "sad!"  My version is currently hidden by Musescore despite there only being 4/5 pieces displayed on my profile  Two users have copied this work  1. Downloaded, copied and reuploaded my work EXACTLY

2. This user downloaded and stole my percussion parts as well as my bass line and general form of the arrangement  I'm very disappointed in musescore for hiding my most popular score (around 4k views) AND hiding my original arrangement and NOT these two users AFTER I reported them  

Word at a time

Basically, we write a story. BUT, everyone must only post ONE word at a time (hence the name of this game). For example, person 1 can post “The”. Person 2 can post “Bird” and person 3 can post “Ate” and so on.

By the way, you are not allowed to post punctuation in any form and make that your “word”. However, you are allowed to post something in brackets, but it won’t be part of the story.

Let’s get started...


This is a super fun game I just remembered cause I read a comment about Mollymawk and remembers that in her Tag Readers United group, we used to play this game!
Basically, I start by saying a word (like donut) and you think of a word that relates to that in some way (dessert). If you need an example you can find one right here ( I wasn't active in that group until later but I enjoyed reading the stuff they would write on there lol

Something I've Noticed.....

I was recently looking at the top scores on musescore. They all have around 500,000 views and thousands of favorites. 

But my issue was when I looked at the people who made those scores. 

Most of them had 1 to 3 pieces uploaded and had no pro. They joined around the same date as they uploaded their top pieces.

They also have thousands upon thousands of followers.

So "What is my problem with this" you may ask.

My problem is that those people who upload one score get thousands of followers. 
All because of the musescore algorithm makes these people show up on the front page because 1. They have very popular songs that are arranged.  2. They use many tags. 3. Because they are on the "Top scores" list on musescore.

These people are not active at all and newer musescorians are getting lead to them and not to the active composers, arrangers, and transcribers! This needs to be fixed.

Musescore should randomly show ACTIVE members to new users and not ones who have uploaded popular pieces and are no longer using the website.

- Thanks for your time, Mr_MusicGuy

another word game!

this one is simple. i write a word (preferably 4 or 5 letters) and the next person changes one letter of the word to make a new one. (ex. slit, skit) You can only change one letter, and no one can make the same word twice. Whenever no one can think of a new word, the person who posted the last comment wins!

Splatoon 2 Team members needed: Reliable!

I need serious, reliable team members to play with! Not on a daily basis, but more like once a week! I would be up to talking with anybody about it, but would also like those who share the same morals as I do:

No swearing\crude humor
Serious gameplay (Not to say fun isn't allowed, but I kinda want a competitive team! 😁)

And, I am a Christian, so please keep that in mind! I will respect your beliefs, but will politely disagree if anything goes against my religion.


Instrument Advice??

Hey guys! I hope you're all doing well. :)

Quick question—especially for the woodwind players in the group. If I were to start playing a woodwind instrument, what would you guys recommend?

I don't dare touch saxophones because my best friend is the best sax player in existence, and bassoon would be fun, but I'm teaching myself and am a broke college kid who needs a more affordable(ish), smaller instrument to rent and keep in a dorm room....

So I'm kinda torn between flute, clarinet, and oboe. I would really love to learn oboe above all else, but they're so fragile and expensive from what I've seen that I dunno if it's the best idea to give one to a klutz like me...and I dunno if it's worth it or if flute and/or clarinet would be a better choice.

Any thoughts?

One Big, Happy Family!! :D

If we were all, quite literally, one big happy family here, who would be whom? I'm curious to know what you would think. :P (I also kinda want to use the responses in the musical for comedic purposes....)

The Overbearing Matriarch (and Mafia-Leading) Grandmother: @Rebecca Y (ehehehe)
The Awesome but Slightly Odd Foreign Grandpa the Kids All Love: @Celthyan
The Annoying, Pestering, Overly-Worried (Bunny) Mom: @lareinedeslapins 
The Working Dad Who Always Just Sighs and Says "Go Ask Your Mother": @DaggerQuill
The Serene but Weab Oldest Sister: @Seventetails Alolan Form
Them Rebellious Teenagers: @mnmwert and @Kenobiingondolin2019
The YouTube-Famous Daughter: @Alice Minguez
Caring Dorky Older Brother (who is Nevertheless Done with Your BS): @FreedomBuchanan
The Freakazoid Artsy-Fartsy Sister: @Artistic Musician 13
The Kid Who Somehow Becomes an Internet Meme: @MatureFungusOfAdolescentFoot42
The Terrible Triplets: @ShamiMemeMCScrubs7, @SimplePianist, and @SarCATstic_ME
The Loner Sister: @DunedainElessar
That One Obnoxious Little Brother who You Can't Help but Love Anyway: @Okely Dokely
The Adorable Little Brothers who Get Away with Everything: @All4TheBASS and @caleb miller music
The Two-Faced Little Sister: @Little Lotte
The Eternally POd Newborn: @Beyonka
That One Relative that Only Shows Up Every Ten Years: @Cl4rin3t
The Straaange (but Still Nice) Aunt: @lizzapie
The Goofy Uncle: @Robin M. Butler
The Serious( Misunderstood and Humorous) Uncle: @Elliot Butler
The Uncle Who's in Jail: @jush v
The Pirate (Uncle...) Who Doesn't Do Anything: @Occyfel
The One Uncle Who's Not Even Related but Just Shows Up for the Food: @Miffed
The Sweet Sweet Sweet Cousins: @NobleEwe and @Agate817
That One Gay Cousin: @VGA
The Cousin Twenty-Two Times Removed Who is Vaguely German Royalty: @Jakob Altmann
The Shut-In Cousin Who Loves his Violin More than his Family: @Mr_MusicGuy
The Lost Cousin: @--_Anony-mous_--
The Cousin Who Ignores Everyone and Air-Guitars: @Reluctant_Muse101
The Indecisive, Self-Questioning Cousin: @The musical rattlesnake
The Pet Zombie Pig-Dragon: @Z̲ᴏ̲ᴍ̲ʙ̲ɪ̲ᴇ̲_̲P̲ɪ̲ɢ̲ᴅ̲ʀ̲ᴀ̲ɢ̲ᴏ̲ɴ̲
The Pet Just Plain Pig: @BIG PIG

If anyone thinks I'm forgetting them or someone else, please tell me! We must all be a big happy family together!! aLL OF US. :D

Frustrated new user

I downloaded Muse half hour ago, and I'm so frustrated already I feel almost suicidal.
First, I can't find anywhere in the Help files how to have more than one instrumental line.  I need to write guitar, organ, voice and bass.  4 musical scores.  I went through the entire Help table of contents like 3 times, and there is nothing about it.
Second:  Use of HTML from a menu item in an application is bad etiquette.  I have 4 windows in Mozilla, each from anywhere from 10 to 50 tabs.  All of it is important to me.  And I had closed Mozilla for the day;  suddenly I click on a menu item in the Help menu and kaboom!, it opens a Mozilla window with a single tab.  Now I KNOW from experience the next time I open Mozilla my 4 windows with over 100 tabs will be gone, and I will have to do some recovery work to get them back.
Third:  I joined this website just for the sake of asking a question, namely how to set up 4 instrumental music scores;  but I can't fine a Help forum anywhere;  this site wants me to join groups by choice of instrument... WTF??!?!?!

Infinity War Soundtrack?

I just saw Infinity War yesterday and ACTUALLY enjoyed the soundtrack! All of the super hero movie soundtracks are super cliche, but this one had so much more drama than all the rest ('cause of the movie, of course :'O). Even though the movie was absolutely terrible (in my opinion) the soundtrack was awesome! I believe Alan Silvestri did a great job on this one. What about you guys? :D 

If you haven't heard the soundtrack yet, I would recommend these two tracks. They are SO unlike what you would expect from the other movies: