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this is the fourth time i have had my bite plate fixed and put back in. first my bite plate broke on one side, so i had to endure the spacers again, then the second time it just fell out, and again spacers, the third time it broke on both sides, and they had been using extra strength glue so it hurt when it was pulled out, and i didnt have the bite plate for a while, then recently after more spacers, i got it in again, i just hope it doesn't break this time

Plagiarizer Supreme

A certain user by the name of Dookis Supreme is plagiarizing my compositions and claiming them as his/her own. For example, here is a piece they copied NOTE FOR NOTE:

My piece:
Their piece:
There is another piece where he/she takes a piece of mine and butchers it, turning it into some nonsense about raging tapioca pudding:

My piece:
Their piece: were finals? (I'm also taking arrangement suggestions now)

School is out and now that I'm a few days into my break I finally have time for Musescore (congrats, y'all have converted me from typing MuseScore) again. Because I have some time on my hands for the first time in a while, I'll be looking for pieces to arrange in order to keep my mind going since I won't have music classes every day. I have a few projects started (EDIT: one of the pieces is has been uploaded; go check it out!), but am already out of arrangement ideas, which is where y'all come in! If there are any pieces you want to see arranged put it in the comments and I'll take a look at them. That's all for now, but I'll be around pretty much every day for a few weeks at least.


It's time for the long-awaited team challenge; a round that will test not only your composition, but your teamwork abilities also. The concept of this challenge is fairly straightforward - I have placed you all in groups of three, and over the next few weeks you will have to work with each other in order to compose a collaborative masterpiece. You can decide amongst yourselves how you want to go about this, but here are a few suggestions that might give you an idea of how to get started:

- Choose a method of communication. This can be anything, from email, to skype, to many other online communication sites. Choose something that works well for your group and that you can all access.

- Get one person to begin writing the very start of the piece, or perhaps a main motif. Then you can take it in turns to add your own sections/elements until the piece is finished.

- Then go back over it individually and make any small edits you think necessary. Feel free to help work on each other's parts.

- Dedicate one person to upload the piece to the group (or you can all upload the same thing if you like!)

And, of course, here are the teams:


@Vigo Kovačić


@Jakob Altmann

Everyone in your group must contribute to the piece.
2) The piece must be at least 2 minutes long, but no more than 10.

Try to get a start as soon as possible, because this is going to be a challenging task. Also, make sure to tell your group if you're going to be away/unavailable for a certain period of time, as they can work on their parts while you're not there, and allow you to work on yours either before or after you go away.

The deadline is 24th of June. I know this might not seem like a lot of time, but we need to start speeding up the rounds in order to finish the competition by the end of the year.

Best of luck!! is gone . . .

I really liked the Handbells.sf2 from the website Unfortunately, the site has gone missing, replaced by a parking page :(

My favorite feature was the multiple bell techniques in the soundfont, so I could switch between bells, chimes, thumb-damping, marting, etc. with a staff text.

In the meantime, I uploaded the low quality demo version of the soundfont to my google drive. Hopefully the original owner is cool with that, but even if he/she isn't, at least I'll know what happened to them . . .

The link;

also, an XML file (of my creation) for easier use in musescore:

If anyone has any info of the whereabouts of the old site owner or knows how to get that soundfont back on the market, please post.