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So I have 101 followers?? special coming up maybe?

So yeah I just did it, despite having two plagiarizers following me. so technically i have 99 followers that i believe are real (prob more xD)

If i have time i will be uploading hopefully five Christmas pieces before Christmas, but depends on school and time as I have not done any Christmas shopping as of yet (welp).

Just thought I should have said something because I haven't uploaded a brand new thingie since going pro, just reminding you that i will still be uploading,

P.S. How do you new people move so flipping fast up the top users page, it took me eons to get to page 5 and 3 and then 2 and now 1, despite being away for a month (when most of you came in). Then all of you come in and bulldoze those pages and I see you on page 2 and 3 and I am thinking "How do all of you noobs move up so fast, I mean, don't you have lives?" it was at this moment I realized it was 3 am.

Let's Challenge

Here is your first challenge:
Give me five words that begin and end with T.
(No Copying)
The judging will take place on Friday.
If you win I will need your real name or if you prefer your profile name.
I also may possibly need your email.
Happy challenging!!