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Impossible to download OpenScore templates without a Pro account

The new download rules on are creating quite a problem for transcribers who don't yet have a Pro account.  They can't even download a template score in order to start their transcription.

Nor can the wider world any longer download our Public Domain scores without joining and having a Pro account.

I have raised these problems with Dmitriy Popov, who is in charge of implementing the new download policy.  He has already acknowledged in posts on "Improving" that Public Domain works probably need to be handled differently.  

Watch this space for further news...

f*ck, marry, kill

heyo...another game :P
(also...if you don't like swear words just replace it with "kiss" - but the f word is the original title of the game)

Anyway basically someone gives three people (or things) and you choose one to kiss, one to marry, and one to kill. It's basically a fancier (and more fun) version of ranking 3 things in order of preference.
Ex. if someone said Bob, Joe, and Jeff, I could choose to kiss Bob, kill Joe, and marry Jeff, etc.
If the choices are things and not people..."marry" would mean you can have/experience the thing to its full extent, "kiss" would be to have/experience it to a partial extent, and "kill" would be to have the thing completely destroyed and you don't get to have it at all.

Sooo...yeah. Let's try...

1. Musix, Dookis, and Lordtroll

2. Dress spammers, people who fill up the entire community page by spamming "look at my score" in every single group they're in, and people who post passive aggressive "constructive" criticism on people's scores

3. a steinway piano, a 20 year's supply of your favourite food, and your current (or most recent) crush

4. your grades, your social life (both in-person and online), and your sleep

5. all your followers on musescore, all the people who regularly talk in this group, and everyone you're following on here

And feel free to make your own :P

Progress update: 28 song cycles now completed!

Well done, all transcribers!  As at July 2019 we now have 28 song cycles completed, which is wonderful.  Thanks in in particular to our transcribers for two recent sets completed: Bizet Feuilles d'album (pental)  and Brahms 6 Songs Op.6 (Jojo-Schmitz and fredipi).

I am hopeful that we can complete a few more sets in the coming weeks. Each of these sets has just two songs still unassigned to a transcriber: 
Chausson  - 7 Mélodies, Op.2  
Debussy- Ariettes Oubliées
Robert Franz - 6 Gesänge, Op.6


Welcome to our unfortunately small group (for now, hopefully)! 
Here we can share music by Emily Black from the Kingdom series and the Knights of Arrethtrae series. 
I've already transcribed "Call  to Courage", and I'm working on "Ballad of the Prince". I see that "The Shadow Heart" has been added to the Musescore community by @Loyal_Arrethtraen and "Eirwyn" has been added by @Pianodudette. Let's work on bringing the rest of Emily Black's music into the community! 

Is it just me, or...

So recently, I found out that one of my scores, a jazz remix of Taylor Swift's Look What You Made Me Do, was copyright claimed by Sony/ATV Music Publishing, and I was very upset since that was one of my more popular scores and I put a lot of time into making it, only for someone else to claim it. And I was also angry since I thought I was the only one who had an arrangement of that song that got claimed. So I did a search on Musescore, and for some reason I couldn't find a lot arrangements of Taylor Swift's song. There was one arrangement for choir, but that was it. All of the other stuff are random unrelated scores. Seeing as this was the first time I got copyright claimed and i didn't really understand the dispute system, I decided to simply remove the score and reupload at a later date. Has anyone else noticed this yet? Also, does anybody know how the dispute system work?

Work in progress album, thoughts?

 Hi all,

    Over the past nine-ish months I've been working on an album titled 'Harper'. It's about a trans girl named Harper who comes out to parents who aren't exactly accepting and in an area that really isn't any better. The only person she has for support is her best friend, Emily. At the end of the album, Harper is brutally murdered by a group of her classmates.

    Obviously, I'm not finished, I plan on adding at least four or five more pieces, completely redoing 'Harper & Emily', possibly adding a couple things to 'The Closet', and either remastering or outright redoing 'The Funeral & Harper's Legacy'. However, I'd like some feedback on what I have so far. I've linked the two most recent pieces--'Harper's Theme' and 'Emily's Theme'-- as well as the album set

'Harper's Theme'

'Emily's Theme'

The album (such as it is)

-Harper Nalley 
(I chose my new name after I named the album, sue me)

Weird Incidents In School

This morning, someone found a transparent gooey liquid on the window panel on the classroom window panel, which appeared to be raw egg white. The teacher said she did not know where the egg came from and got another person to clean it, which caused the windows to stink like rotting fish. Looking down from the classroom on the 2nd floor, there was egg yolk splattered on the grass downstairs. No one saw it landed and knew how it landed there. Some said a chicken laid it from the roof but chickens can't fly. So, if there was no one on the roof at that time, who did it?
I don't get it too...