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In the space of 2 quarter notes am attempting to write a 7 note tuplet for a snare part that matches up with a quarter note triplet  on a bass part.  It's a little off.  The Ctrl 3 and Ctrl 7 functions work but the results don't match.  I can play it but the music doesn't match up.  Any help is appreciated.

Does this have a name in the music world?

So for a long time I've been hearing these little motifs in Bach music and sometimes other places as well, but I don't know what the name of it is. Examples are down below.

Hopefully these are enough examples so you guys could understand what I mean. Thanks!

Pad savers! Do we need them ?

I’ve been playing the Alto Saxophone for over 2 years now, and I’ve never used/owned a pad saver.
However I recently brought a new saxophone and the dealer insisted that I buy a pad saver as it is essential to prolong the life of a Saxophone,
He also mentioned that without a pad saver the saxophone pads would be at risk of moisture/humidity, which will reduce the life of the Saxophone pads to a year or two.

Now most of the advance/pro saxophonist I’ve met do not use pad savers, instead they prefer to use swabs to clean out all the moisture after playing the saxophone and keeping the case open for an hour or two to allow the residual moisture to dry out.
Moreover some(including me) believe that pad savers actually do more harm than good by retaining moisture in them, and if you keep it inside the Saxophone then it could damage the pads.

What are your thoughts about pad savers?

Percussion Advice

Hi all!

I am currently working on a project that sounds more like a soundtrack than a classical piece, and I have no experience with percussion instruments. Does anyone know of a good resource to familiarize myself with the different percussion instruments and their uses in an orchestra, especially as it related to soundtrack music? I know what I want the percussion in the score to sound like but I do not know the best instruments to use to make those sounds.

Any help is appreciated!

Playing LOUDER

What are some techniques to playing LOUDER, I always seem to play too quiet. I'm in middle school band, and I want to impact the band more. I need to stand out while I'm playing rather than just conducting- be a good influence for my band (I'm the drum major and I suck XD)

Flute Angles (and horn angles in general)

I'm curious. Does your school enforce horn angles (in marching band) as strongly as my band director does?

His rules (sort of by instruments):
Trumpets/Directional Brass (mello, trombone, etc) - Must have bell pointed towards the press box, or about 27 degrees about parallel with the ground.

Flutes - Parallel with the ground. Always. And parallel, in actuality, for those who don't know, feels like it's a bit MORE than parallel.

Saxes - "Chicken wings" (Elbows point a out when at attention)

I'd love to know what your school does, as I've seen many many many many many other schools who let their band get away with bad horn angle (namely flutes who are definitely NOT parallel).

PS. For any fluatist who hasn't heard about the whole parallel flute thing, it is actually better than not parallel, as it opens up your lungs and straightens your spine and neck. It REALLLLLY makes a difference in both sound and your effort (it's a whole lot easier to breath with a straight windpipe).