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Anything I should arrange?

I feel like arranging something from my preferred list of games...
Either something from Octodad, Undertale, or LOZ... Any suggestions?

- Any Boss music from Undertale (besides Death by Glamour)
- Any music from any Zelda game I haven't played (I've played ocarina of time, majora's mask, spirit tracks, twilight princess, and wind waker)

Well now that's out of the way... derp.

Favorite Pokemon?

I've noticed there haven't been many discussions, so to get the chatting going, I making this discussion about favorite Pokemon, so what ever it is, put it out there! It's pretty obvious what mine is but I'll restate it. My favorite is Spoink. I also like, Crustle, Shuckle, and Magikarp (no joke!)

Battle Theme Competition

Competition ends on 8/25/18 midnight PST

It's been a while, peeps. I think, before school starts, we should get our creative engine in gear. Here's how this contest is gonna work:

Pick any battle scenario in any official, mainline Pokemon game. This can be anything from Wild Pokemon to Kahuna to Champion to Frontier Brain.
Compose and arrange an original piece for that scenario. It also should be newly composed, meaning no old pieces. Not that I'll be able to tell.
Upload the piece on your account and link it below, with title.
Next Saturday I'll take a listen to all the submitted pieces.
The pieces will be graded on:
Quality - Doesn't mean you have to use a soundfont, but just make sure it's not just a solo piano or uses the TimGB accordion or anything like that. And percussion really, really helps.
Harmonics - Does the piece move? Is there some attempt at creating an accompaniment? Do the chords flow well?
Coherence - Does the piece fit its theme? I'll of course be basing this judgement on Game Freak's existing pieces. But that doesn't mean it can't be wholly unique. Just that a Wild Pokemon Battle shouldn't be super emotional, and a Kahuna Battle should contain some "tribal" characteristics.
Interest - Basically, an aspect of all these categories. Which parts of the piece are "interesting?" Naturally, this may be the most subjective part of this already subjective judgment process, but if you really want to win my heart, I'll give some advice: a strong melody, a bassline that is not entirely repeating fifths (unless the scenario really calls for it), and jammin' percussion.
After I listen to the piece, I'll leave my thoughts in the comments of it. I encourage everyone else to do the same.

If your battle theme is based on a scenario that can vary in tone from game to game, such as a Rival or Cover Legendary Battle, you'll get bonus points for including an external theme at the beginning of piece (before the battle theme starts) - the theme your battle theme is based on, if that makes any sense.

Hopefully many of you see this and get inspired. Let me know if the composition period is too short, I might extend it. And also, one last note: I'll also be participating, but from scratch just like you guys. I won't be judging myself.

This competition isn't the end all be all of "Who's the best composer in Pokegeeks." I'm just one guy sitting in front of a computer with a weird obsession with Pokemon music. It's all about your participation.

Edit: I've extended the deadline because I thought about it and realized 4 days is not nearly enough to compose anything, really. So you have an extra week.

However good your build is

However good your build is, you won't getv really far in PoE if you are too easy to kill. Therefore, you have to ensure that your character has plenty of defense. This is not as true of this Arc Witch. Block is a good way to boost your defense, since it supplies as much as a 75% chance to totally eliminate attacks and spells.

Great sources of Block are the Ascendancy Skill, Bone Offering, in addition to other passive abilities and equipment. An important caveat of Block is the fact that it does not mitigate damage over time or other secondary damaging outcomes.

MoM takes 30% of incoming harm from any source, and transmits it to the mana pool, rather. To put it differently, 30 percent of the life you would have dropped, becomes lost mana. As long as it is possible to keep your mana pool topped off with sufficient regeneration, you will improve your endurance considerably.

The Arc Witch isn't a passive construct. You have to be constantly on the go, and on your toes. You also have to be able to keep tabs on the timing of a whole lot of unique skills, buffs, and other items. If you aren't at the top of your cooldowns, you will not be getting the most from the build's rotation  
poe currency

Runescape Tips For Your Entertainment Edge

Lots of people nowadays remember playing RS 2007 when they were kids. Kids are now playing RS 2007 even more, and  these games have become more advanced than ever. This is a growing phenomenon, so it  does not look like there will be an end to it any time in the near future.

Buy used games. RS 2007 are often times very costly and expensive. You might not be able to afford this, especially if you are not sure if you will like the game. Buying used games will help you save money and you will be able to trade or sell the game if you decide you do not like it.

If you are gifting a game to a child, make sure they have given you several options of what they will want. There are many factors to be sure it's appropriate for their age. You have to be certain so that you don't buy something that is inappropriate.

Visit a website to determine if the game will work. Once you download it, this can tell you if your system can play a specific game. If you don't like downloading anything, delete it when you are RS gold