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Partitions chorales

je viens de trouver votre groupe "Musique vocale"
Je suis membre de plusieurs chorales et j'enregistre toutes les partitions de ces chorales avec MuseScore, fichiers que j'enregistre sur le site de Musescore. (j'en ai mis plus de 130 et j'en ai encore d'autres)

Mon essai gratuit de un mois étant terminé et, malgré mes recherches (et le fait que j'avais enregistré les références de la carte bancaire), je n'arrive toujours pas trouver le mode d'emploi pour valider l'abonnement "Pro"!
quelqu'un pourrait-il m'expliquer (en FRANCAIS) comment faire pour s'abonner à MuseScore Pro ?
Merci d'avance !


The Challenge is....(drum roll).......using other musical songs to create your own!
How it works is that you take any music from a musical song (e.g. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious) and change the lyrics! If you need INSPIRATION, just asks because we have a friendly community of Musescorers!


Hello. I left without saying anything but I've started to use a new notation website called Flat. On Flat I am able to put up as many things as I want so I will be putting up all of my Hamilton sheets there from now on. I will still look at the Hamilton group on here to see all the sheets you guys work on. My account name is still the same on Flat: xman2156

Drum arrangements for Hamilton songs?

Hey composers,

I'm in the process of writing a score of the entire Hamilton score for concert band ( It's going okay, but the drum notation is kicking my butt, as I am not a drummer :( . If you guys could help me by providing me with some drum sheet music for Hamilton songs, that'd be great. I've watched YouTube videos and stuff, but it doesn't help me much. I'll give you guys credit in the score's description



Full Score

I know it's really ambitious... but I'm planning on transcribing the full score, all instruments included and everything. So far all I've got down is Alexander Hamilton and part of Aaron Burr, I update the score when I complete a song. If anybody has a full score cover of any song and are willing to share it with me, that would make my job a lot easier. It's really nice to see so many other fans of this musical; it truly is a masterpiece.