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Numbers Against Us

This game is a number game... obviously. Girls will try to count up, boys will try to count down (they can even go into the negatives if need be if girls begin extremely poorly). We start at 0. If you are transgender, agender, non-gender, etc., just pick male or female and stick with it for this game to lessen the confusion. No posting twice in a row.
EDIT:When girls reach 200, we will have to count down, and guys will count up.
EDIT 2.5: Once girls reach -200 or guys reach 300, we will reverse directions again to where guys count down and girls count up.

For example: 
Female user: 1
Male user: 0
Female user: 1
Other female user: 2
Male user: 1
Female user: 2
And so on... for ever and ever... 

I'll start. 

Avoid this Word

The last word game I came up with was presumably too complex or difficult, so it was not necessarily “a hit”. This one is much simpler.

In this game, we will make a story, and you can comment once after each person’s comment with one word. The twist is simple: You must cause the next person to not be able to say anything because it would cause them to say the word. You win if you are the last person to comment within twenty-four hours.

Basically, try to shape the story so that it goes in the direction of bringing up that word.


The word you must avoid is lie. Variants of the word are also banned—lies is one example.

P.S. Synonyms are also not allowed.

How old are you and where are you from?

I made this discussion just to see the variety of different people we have all connected by our favorite thing... Music!!! I'm just curious to see where some people are and to be surprised by how close others are.
If you don't want to provide to much information you can just say which continent you are from, or currently in, and for age just say something like I'm in my 10s or 20s.
I'm new to this group just got accepted yesterday so I hope I can enjoy myself here and meet many talented artists through here.
Thank you and enjoy.

0005 Blitz-tour №1

Please, read this description carefully. This week you have got a very unusual task. You know, sometimes, the composer has to adapt the composition to make it possible to orchestrate. This action is called an "arrangement". Here you have got 12 sketches and an algorhytm to complete the task. 
- Choose 3 pieces between these 12. 
- Investigate the text and feel the right atmosphere. 
- Select the rhytm and the tempo. 
- Select the tonality (you can transpose the fragment). 
1) For one song
-- find the right instrument (solo!), according to the atmosphere. 
2) For other song
-- invent a passive accompagniment. 
3) For the last song you have chosen
-- invent the second voice. 
- Add the dynamics. 
- Match the articulation. 
- Try to create something original, use "Examples" only as an EXAMPLE, don't repeat them! 
- You have got 2 weeks to complete this task. 
- Orchestrate the 2-nd and the 3-rd chosen song too. 
- Adapt the text and make it correspondent to the rhytm in ALL 12 fragments. 
Deadline: 08/02/2020 (two weeks).

A Very Odd Tea-Time Dialogue

I've always thought of teatime as a somewhat awkward thing. 
So, we are going to pretend we are having teatime, or, in other words, sitting around a table staring at one another and waiting for someone to speak. We must make the conversation as strange as possible. You can talk as any of these characters (and you don’t have to stick with one):
The Businessman
The Scientist
The Lawyer
The Orthodontist
The Spy
The Trombonist
The Flutist

(Rules: No posting twice in a row. Don't post dialogue as a comment to someone else's dialogue.)

Suggestions of music to listen to?

So I honestly haven't listened to that much of a variety of different kinds of music, mostly just classical music, film scores, and contemporary Christian music. I recently started listening to Imagine dragons and 21 pilots on the recommendation of a friend, and I enjoy listening to their stuff. But I'm trying to listen to more music, so are there any songs/ bands that you really like and think I should check out?


Hi All, 
I am a cellist and have been playing for over 5 years. I am looking for some fun pieces to play. I am not as far as I want to be with my playing as I've been kept back for a while now. If anyone has any suggestions that would be much appreciated. Many thanks!  

Prompt #1

in Musing

I, @TheRainbowDOHnut, and @JPaul11 will be the judges. P.S. JUDGES CAN STILL PARTICIPATE!!! You're mission is to make a music to sound like it's from the future. You can use any instruments you like, and the winner will be posted in the discussions!!! Post your link down below. You can use any website as long as we can access it without downloading, registration or other stuff. Let's keep musing everyone, "As we are all musing, in musescore"! The deadline is Feb 1st!

Submission 1# (By @The_Mad_Duck ):

[IMPORTANT!] Notice from the DPDHMO

This is a friendly notice from the Department of Protection from Dihydrogen Monoxide (DPDHMO)

What is dihydrogen monoxide?

Dihydrogen monoxide (DHMO) is a transparent, colorless, and odorless chemical compound. Its atomic components are comprised of a number of explosives and toxins such as sulfuric acid, nitroglycerine, and ethyl alcohol. DHMO contributes to the corrosion of many metals. It is also a major component of acid rain.

Research has also shown that significant levels of DHMO are present in many natural disasters, such as flooding and tsunamis. For instance, high levels of dihydrogen monoxide were present during the devastating Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004 which killed over 230,000 people.

DHMO is the principal cause of drowning.

Accidental inhalation of DHMO could prove to be fatal. Prolonged exposure to its solid form may cause severe tissue damage, sometimes leading to death. 

Some other negative effects of DHMO include, but are not limited to, diaphoresis, micturition, and acute tissue hydration. 

Worst of all, signs of DHMO have been found in the water supply of every city on the planet. 

100% of those who consume DHMO die.

Stupid ways to scam people

this is a humorous discussion and should not be taken seriously

Stupid scam no. 1

Scammer: What kind of credit card do you have
Person: Oh I have a *credit card name*
Scammer: Oh that's a very rare kind of credit card, send me a picture of it, there are only a few in existence

Stupid scam no. 2

Scammer: If your social security number was how much money you had, how much money would you have

Stupid scam no. 3

Scammer: If you were a credit card, what would be on your id

Make Someone's Day

So this wasn't my idea; I came across it somewhere else but I forget where. 

Basically, we choose a random Musescorer (someone who doesn't know about this discussion) and members of the RSA bombard their scores with positive comments, faves, etc. Maybe this discussion could get pinned and one of the mods could pick someone each week?

Sometimes people are having a rough time, but a few positive words can go a long way. And it's actually fun being nice :P 

So what do you think?