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Celtic Melody Library

I've now completed the Celtic Melody Library I mentioned. It's available at:

Since all the tunes are now on that site, I'm not sure if I should leave the ones I put on this Musescore site or delete them. I'll leave them for the time being. If anyone has an opinion on this, please feel free to give it. Thanks.

Cleaning up the Celtic Music group

Please note that the group description says, "This group is intended for scores of Celtic music, including transcriptions of traditional Celtic melodies, Celtic songs, arrangements of Celtic instrumentals, or any originally composed music based on Celtic melodies or in the Celtic style." There are a lot of scores in this group that don't seem to have anything to do with Celtic music. As group founder and manager, I propose to delete them. If you post a score here which doesn't have an obvious relationship to Celtic music, please include a note saying why you think that score belongs in this group.