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Anglican chant

My wife is an Anglican church musician. For chant, she wants a staff with no time signature and no bar lines, and she wants notes with  no stems. I can remove stems, but only one by one, and the same for bar lines...that's pretty tedious. And there is no way to do without a time signature at all, that I can find. Anybody have any ideas how to do this? Thx.

prayer requests

would you please pray for my pastor and my church. our pastor just received grave news that he has pancreatic cancer and it had already spread to his liver. the doctors say he has between 3, 9 to 12 months. it is a blessing that our joy in tribulation is part of our Christian walk and we are given these situations to take hold of Christ and the faith He gifted us. we have been justified by faith and have peace, access, privilege position, and rejoicing in the confident expectation of the glory of God.

i do wish he'll be able to sing the songs i've written before it's too late.
but i do not know how to convert my music into something that can be played with a piano/organ and can be sung by the whole congregation. would anyone be able to please help?