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Sheet music for hymn needed

This is the song which i need sheet music, can you please provide me the original sheet music:

I was laden down with sin,
Full of wickedness within,
In the darkness of despair, regret and loss;
When I heard a gentle voice
And it made my heart rejoice:
“Come find rest, thy heavy laden, at the cross.”

At the cross, at the cross,
There my sins were all forgiven at the cross
There my burdens rolled away
There my night was turned to day
There I met my blessed Saviour at
the cross

Trying to Add Scores to my Groups

It has been a while since I added a score to all of my groups. For several days, now, I have (for some reason) been limited to either two groups, or no groups at all when trying to add my scores to my groups. I have left messages with the site in hopes of getting this fixed, and I am sure they are very busy and will try to get it fixed as well. I just wanted to let folks know where I've been.

Thanks for your time.

Sci-Fi Group by Sirman1234!

Yo, check out this awesome group! It's Halo week!
"Today's Sci-Fi topic will be Halo. This popular video game has been around for many years on xbox, rip my ps4. What is your favorite Halo game? What is your favorite song? Have you ever tried to make any Halo music before? Feel free to comment and upload any Halo songs you may have."

The Holy Spirit - on MuseScore!

Hello All,

After watching the video linked above, I was wondering if we can come up with ways to bless the MuseScorers around us by showing the love of God. As a Christian, I believe it is imperative that we allow the unbelievers get a good chance to see Jesus walk by them and draw them towards God. What do you guys think?

Much love and God bless,

Not Ton