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*IMPORTANT* Any songs that you requested for me to arrange, please put them here.

I'm making a list so I don't forget and for more order, this will also help me make a schedule. (New songs are welcome) These songs aren't going to come out in the order that they are in, for anyone who is wondering. Also, these are all possibilities depending if I can make them. If they aren't possible I will tell you.

- Secret Agent Butters (band) {requested by Mr. Mister.}

- The Great Cave Escape [Kirby] (piano) {requested by IncognitoAnimal}

- Sleepy Hollow soundtrack (piano) {requested by brickboy2x2}

- Darkest Hour soundtrack (piano) "Prelude" "Where Is Winston?" "A Telegram From the Palace" "One of Them" "Winston and George" "The War Rooms" "Just Before The Dawn" "District Line, East, One Stop" "We Shall Fight" {requested by Pianodudette}

- Gotham's Reckoning [The Dark Knight Rises] (piano) {requested by ♬𝔅𝔬𝔭𝔭𝔩𝔢♬}

- Chrono Trigger soundtrack (piano) {requested by VGA}

- Reign of Septims [TES IV: Oblivion] (piano) {requested by ZackTheWaffleMan}

-  Rhuzerv [Deemo] (piano) {requested by Astronix2}

-  Konga Conga Kappa [Crypt of the Necrodancer] (piano) {requested by grimnightsweeper}

-  Kitchen Sink, twenty one pilots albums [twenty one pilots] (alto saxophone) {requested by Lacy Watson}

-  Across the Stars (Love Theme) [Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones] (oboe) {requested by  Joseph.C.Thaggard}

- Careless Whisper [George Michael] (oboe) {requested by Joseph.C.Thaggard}

- A nice and spicy Marvel mashup [Various artists] (piano) {requested by Fresh Bread}

- ((this is a surprise for Fia)) [Christian Waegerle] (piano) {requested by lareindeslapins}

- The Thing soundtrack [Ennio Morricone] (piano or small orchestra) {requested by Aɱσƚҽƙυɳ}

-  A Shadow To Prevail [Crypt of the Necrodancer] (piano) {requested by CorruptedPsychocat}

-  Blood Dragon Theme [Farcry 3: Blood Dragon] (piano) {requested by Black Neon}

- Benny Hill theme (piano) {requested by romain gandillet}
- Mombassa [Inception] (piano) {requested by ♬𝔅𝔬𝔭𝔭𝔩𝔢♬}

- Legends Never Die [League Of Legends] (piano) {requested by Vash Hartman}

- The Lunar Whale [Danimal Cannon & Zef] (piano) {requested by JermUnderEddGame1983}

- Corrupted [Danimal Cannon & Zef] (piano) {requested by JermUnderEddGame1983}

- Safe And Sound [Nitro Fun] (piano) {requested by JermUnderEddGame1983} 

- Final Boss [Nitro Fun] (piano) {requested by JermUnderEddGame1983}

- Wicked [Avenza] (piano) {requested by JermUnderEddGame1983}

- Paper Dolls [Shawn Daley] (piano) {requested by JermUnderEddGame1983}

- Close To Me [Sabrepulse] (piano) {requested by JermUnderEddGame1983}

- Milky Ways [Bossfight] (piano) {requested by JermUnderEddGame1983}

- Hype [Tokyo Machine] (piano) {requested by JermUnderEddGame1983}

- Cool Friends [Silva Hounds] (piano) {requested by JermUnderEddGame1983}


Since Musescore already has note entry and playback, are there any ideas in the works to create a full harmony tutor in musescore by mens of question and answer check.
Basically go through all the uk gradelevels and 1st year uni.

It is impossible to find anything on the Musescore site. It is the most confusing usergroup I ever came accross. Even impossible to find links to my old posts or find groups unless I search for my avatar which is about the only way to find them.

The Complete (well...) MuseSwap OST

NOTE: These are the official names of the songs! Not the names we are using!

1. Once Upon a Time (Name In Progress)
2. Start Menu (Name In Progress)
3. Your Best Friend (Mincerafte)
4. Fallen Down (Elizabeth Asher)
5. Ruins (Elizabeth Asher)
6. Uwa!! So Temperate♫
7. Anticipation (Elizabeth Asher)
8. Unnecessary Tension (Elizabeth Asher)
9. Enemy Approaching (Elizabeth Asher)
10. Ghost Fight (Demilorddude)
11. Determination (Name In Progress)
12. Home (Elizabeth Asher)
13. Home (Music Box) (Elizabeth Asher)
14. Heartache (Elizabeth Asher)
15. sans. (GDOE)
16. Nyeh Heh Heh! (Asriel_Dreemurr_)
17. Snowy (Asian_Plays_YT)
18. Uwa!! So Holiday♫ (Asian_Plays_YT)
19. Dogbass (Relikk22)
20. Mysterious Place (Relikk22)
21. Dogsong (Relikk22)
22. Snowdin Town
23. Shop
24. Bonetrousle (Asriel_Dreemurr_)
25. Dating Start! (Asriel_Dreemurr_)
26. Dating Tense! (Asriel_Dreemurr_)
27. Dating Fight! (Asriel_Dreemurr_)
28. Premonition (Asriel_Dreemurr_)
29. Danger Mystery (Asriel_Dreemurr_ and MakSelby01 Collab?)
30. Undyne (MakSelby01)
31. Waterfall (Asian_Plays_YT)
32. Run! (MakSelby01)
33. Quiet Water
34. Memory
35. Bird That Carries You Over A Disproportionately Small Gap
36. Dummy! (311199921o)
37. Pathetic House (Demilorddude)
38. Spooktune (Demilorddude)
39. Spookwave (Demilorddude)
40. Ghouliday (Demilorddude)
41. Chill (Demilorddude)
42. Thundersnail (Demilorddude)
43. Temmie Village (FGFGFG)
44. Tem Shop (FGFGFG)
45. Ngahhh!! (MakSelby01)
46. Spear of Justice (MakSelby01)
47. Ooo
48. Alphys (Micah Wosilius)
49. It's Showtime! (Comic Sans MS)
50. Metal Crusher (Comic Sans MS)
51. Another Medium
52. Uwa!! So HEATS!!♫
53. Stronger Monsters
54. Hotel (Comic Sans MS)
55. Can You Really Call This a Hotel, I Didn't Receive a Mint On My Pillow (Comic Sans MS)
56. Confession
57. Live Report (Comic Sans MS)
58. Death Report (Comic Sans MS)
59. Spider Dance (Musek)
60. Wrong Enemy !?
61. Oh! One True Love (Comic Sans MS)
62. Oh! Dungeon (Comic Sans MS)
63. It's Raining Somewhere Else (GDOE)
64. CORE Approach (Comic Sans MS)
65. Core (Comic Sans MS)
66. Last Episode (Comic Sans MS)
67. Oh My... (Comic Sans MS)
68. Death By Glamour (Comic Sans MS)
69. For The Fans (Comic Sans MS)
70. Long Elevator
71. Undertale (pie_safety)
72. Song That Might Play When You Fight Sans (GDOE)
73. The Choice (pie_safety)
74. Small Shock (pie_safety)
75. Barrier (pie_safety)
76. Bergentrückung (pie_safety)
77. ASGORE (pie_safety)
78. You Idiot (Mincerafte)
79. Your Best Nightmare (Mincerafte)
80. Finale (Mincerafte)
81. An Ending
82. She's Playing Piano
83. Here We Are (Micah Wosilius)
84. Amalgam (Micah Wosilius)
85. Fallen Down (Reprise)
86. Don't Give Up
87. Hopes and Dreams (Mincerafte)
88. Burn In Despair! (Mincerafte)
89. SAVE The World (Mincerafte)
90. His Theme (Mincerafte)
91. Final Power (Mincerafte)
92. Reunited (Name In Progress)
93. Menu (Full) (Name In Progress)
94. Respite (Mincerafte)
95. Bring It In, Guys! (Massive Collab)
96. Last Goodbye (Name In Progress)
97. But The Earth Refused To Die (MakSelby01)
98. Battle Against a True Hero (MakSelby01)
99. Power of "NEO" (Comic Sans MS)
101. Good Night (VGA)

I'm going to continue to put designated songs later. Also, I know some might be wrong, but I'm working, K?

Score download option "MusicXML" creates uncompressed xml file w. extension ".mxl"

I realized today that, when I download a file from another user and select Music XML as download option, I don't get the compressed file but the uncompressed XML, but the file still has the extension ".mxl".  The difference is obvious from the file size, too.
I remember that in the past, when using this download format, I got a compressed musicxml file which I could open without problems in MuseScore 2.3.2. The last time I did this was on Jan. 5 this year, so I'm not sure when this was actually changed.
Now, when I download using "MusicXML" option and I try to open the downloaded mxl  file in Musescore 2.3.2, I get an error message:   
"Kann Datei  [my file name].mxl nicht lesen: ungeeignetes Format"
(Can't open [my file name].mxl: unsuitable format )
And the details say there was an error when reading Container.xml in line 1, column 1: unexpected end of file.  

After I found out that I could see the xml when opening the downloaded file in Internet Explorer or text editor (which wasn't possible in the past), I tried and renamed the downloaded files' extensions from ".mxl" into ".xml", or ".musicxml",  and both could be opened.

I just wonder why this was changed, because the compressed xml is so much smaller. Wouldn't it be possible at least to offer both the compressed and the uncompressed version?  
I posted this here because it seems to be a download issue on the website.

- Update: When I download an older score with the MusicXML option, I get the compressed xml. Does it make a difference when the file was stored online?

Importing files from "Mozart" Music software

Hi, we're very much enjoying exploring the possibilities of Musescore.
Previously we've used "Mozart" which is good but more limited, so we have a stack of Mz files of arrangements. Does anyone know of a way of importing Mozart files into Musescore? I tried a very simple pdf image of one on the pdf converter on offer here, but it came back as complete gobbledygook, sadly.
Thanks for any help.

Three improvisatory pieces.

These are old pieces of mine (dating from the late 80s)  which I generally play in a semi-improvisatory manner (especially the last third or so). The sheet music is essentially a "snapshot" -- a transcription of one particular performance.  

I've been struggling a bit with notating these accurately while still making them playable. For the most part, I've erred on the side of accuracy, but I think I would have great difficulty playing these well, if I didn't compose them myself.


Hi C

Four Choices