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New secret project I’m working on

I guess it’s not that secret anymore then, but I wanted to say that.

Different sections of the piece will be based on data I collected from different users. If you know what it is good for you don’t spoil it plz. The users contained will be as follows (this list is unbiased as I chose everyone I collected data from) : Rebecca Y, miscalaneous02, Astronix2, SupremeLemonBread, The Musical Rattlesnake, Mr Peabody, Lizzapie, Okely Dokely, Pianodudette, and Shellcrush.

edit now Jaybird1 too
Ok thanks for reading

Are Vaccines Actually Bad?

Well, we wanted some fresh debate topics, and as far as I can tell, this one's never been done on this group before, so let's see what people think.

I personally believe that there is literally no reason to not vaccinate for 99% of people, and anyone who decides to go unvaccinated is putting themselves and others at risk. I especially have a distaste for those who do not vaccinate their children. (hiding as new username)

The troll is back:

I would suggest implementing ways on this site to block VPN users.
This link gives a couple of ways we can determine vpn users. You could then block any user who attempts to log in while still using a VPN. This would mean they would have to completely change their IP address each time you all IP banned them, which means they have to do more work, which means since they are already trolling people they might give up cause their too lazy. 


EDIT: NOw he changed hsi name to:

Zombie Pigdragon we need your help!

We got this troll
who is making a fuss around the site, but is using a vpn,

Think you can find his real IP and send him a virus? Is that legal? 

I'm just joking, please don't do anything illegal. Still though if there was any legal/moral way you could find to help the devs since you are good with programming I mean your the best person out of all of us to do so.....

Bananas or Plantains

The Question. Which one do you like better, or do you like both? Also if you cook them or eat them in a special way we'd all love to know!

So, for me, I always thought bananas were the best.. Until my aunt introduced me to a food she used to eat in her home country. Fried plantain! OMG, It was sooo good. Especially with small steak slices!! I now like both Bananas and Plantains equally :D

Ever got banned form a game for no reason?

One day I was on Roblox (yes, people STILL play it) and I was playing Phantom Forces (pretty dank game) and I was just doing it how I normally do until I start to get killed over and over again by some level 15's and 25's with BGF 50's AND Ballistics trackers! (if you don't know, on the game you don't get a BGF 50 till level 60 ish and you don't get the Ballistics tracker will 45 ish!) These boi's basicly just stole their moms credit card to buy guns on a GAME! So, I do what any normal person would do if this happened to them and I said to them,"Why the BT on a BGF 50?!" Then about 2 min. later, I see that they are trying to vote kick ME! FOR NO REASON! *REEEEE!* So what about you guys?(sorry this was so long! XD )

My first piano composition (2015)
URGENT! Could someone explain me how I can post a sheet music on a group pppllleeeaaassseee???
Uploaded on Oct 29, 2018
My first piano composition on which I added a little improvisation part. This is my first score; I made it to try and test the software. I promise you I will post more difficult scores very soon :-)
This piece is very hard to play respecting the keys, so you are allowed to play some notes in G clef with your left hand.
Original version : (released on July 22, 2016 on
Artist: "Vilega - piano forever"