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Anyone wanna rant?

Well...whatever problems you have, put them here. It's nice to rant sometimes

Sooo....I know I pretty much rant about IB and my busy as heck schedule everywhere I go, but here it goes again.
So today was just an average day...not as busy as some other days. Sounds okay, right? Well here's all the homework I have.
- Psychology essay (need an outline because we're doing an in-class essay next class)
- Several pages of chemistry (quiz next class)
- Physics assignment (about 10 questions)
- Several pages of Math (test Friday)
- 2 paragraphs for TOK (theory of knowledge)

On top of all that I need to practice piano for 2 hrs each day because I'm doing my ARCT piano exam THIS JUNE. Oh, and I also need to do an annotated bibliography for this huge research paper by next week. I have a lot of trouble focusing/staying on task and honestly I'm screaming at myself for screwing around on musescore right now. I have no time to compose as any time I do have for breaks I'm too drained and lazy to do so. As of now, I have fairly decent grades (IB score 36 not including TOK, EE, and CAS) but let's just hope I maintain that and don't die (figuratively) in the next few weeks and actually survive to see spring break. I'm already counting down the weeks and January isn't even over yet...

So, uh, sorry for the huge rant about my problems........but if you guys wanna rant about stuff go ahead...if you wanna make it long, please do so.

*IMPORTANT* Any songs that you requested for me to arrange, please put them here.

I'm making a list so I don't forget and for more order, this will also help me make a schedule. (New songs are welcome) These songs aren't going to come out in the order that they are in, for anyone who is wondering. Also, these are all possibilities depending if I can make them. If they aren't possible I will tell you.

- Secret Agent Butters (band) {requested by Mr. Mister.}

- The Great Cave Escape [Kirby] (piano) {requested by IncognitoAnimal}

- Sleepy Hollow soundtrack (piano) {requested by brickboy2x2}

- Darkest Hour soundtrack (piano) "Prelude" "Where Is Winston?" "A Telegram From the Palace" "One of Them" "Winston and George" "The War Rooms" "Just Before The Dawn" "District Line, East, One Stop" "We Shall Fight" {requested by Pianodudette}

- Gotham's Reckoning [The Dark Knight Rises] (piano) {requested by ♬𝔅𝔬𝔭𝔭𝔩𝔢♬}

- Chrono Trigger soundtrack (piano) {requested by VGA}

- Reign of Septims [TES IV: Oblivion] (piano) {requested by ZackTheWaffleMan}

-  Rhuzerv [Deemo] (piano) {requested by Astronix2}

-  Konga Conga Kappa [Crypt of the Necrodancer] (piano) {requested by grimnightsweeper}

-  Kitchen Sink, twenty one pilots albums [twenty one pilots] (alto saxophone) {requested by Lacy Watson}

-  Across the Stars (Love Theme) [Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones] (oboe) {requested by  Joseph.C.Thaggard}

- Careless Whisper [George Michael] (oboe) {requested by Joseph.C.Thaggard}

- A nice and spicy Marvel mashup [Various artists] (piano) {requested by Fresh Bread}

- ((this is a surprise for Fia)) [Christian Waegerle] (piano) {requested by lareindeslapins}

- The Thing soundtrack [Ennio Morricone] (piano or small orchestra) {requested by Aɱσƚҽƙυɳ}

-  A Shadow To Prevail [Crypt of the Necrodancer] (piano) {requested by CorruptedPsychocat}

-  Blood Dragon Theme [Farcry 3: Blood Dragon] (piano) {requested by Black Neon}