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(probably) IMPORTANT! "Sheet Piano R"

So I just discovered a youtube channel that has been uploading videos of pieces from Musescore composers (probably without their permission) and one of my pieces was uploaded there without my knowledge. A lot of other pieces are on this channel which you can find here:

@Skylighter @alplexle @Ceascer Olivian Hallenkord
I just thought I'd inform all of you in case you want it taken down. It's just that this person did NOT ask permission to re-upload my piece and I'm not happy.

Artsy musician 13 was banned/is gone!

1. I saw that her main channel "artsy musician 13" wasn't in my follower list
(I got a bit suspicious there, as she was a follower since a long time)
2. I saw some comments about her in groups with weird things that she supposedly said while searching after her name in "community"...
But didn't find ANY comments or discussions directly by her
3. I looked if I could find her channel through "Search for sheet music"
4. Her account was gone!

What do you look like?

I have lightish brown hair, that’s short on the sides, long in the middle. It’s not like a mohawk, it’s taken more to the side, and it’s not wild, but more neat. I have dark brown eyes, glasses (more of that rectangular-square style), I’m just shy of 5’10. Uhhhh what else... I’m trim... I currently have braces.
I think that describes me.

Clothing... if it’s casual, my shoes are always Vans. I’m always wearing jeans (more slim fit) cuffed, and I usually wear a T-Shirt or a button up. Usually it’s like a Rock & Republic type T-Shirt, but I also wear long sleeved more stylish shirts and nice button up shirts. My style is super casual, I like, never wear stuff with logos. I like matching my outfits and making sure stuff blends well.
Sometimes, people think it’s weird that I’m a guy that’s really into style and looking nice. But hey, just because I blow dry my hair doesn’t mean I’m weird. 😂 So, yeah! I think that describes how I look. What about you?

New Piano Roll Feature on the

Today marks the release of MuseScore Piano Roll. Piano Roll is a popular and convenient method to display piano notation in a way that not only simplifies learning a new piece for novice musicians who lack a teacher, it also beautifully visualizes each score.

(Video captured from )

Give it a try by simply clicking on the Piano Roll icon now available on all solo piano scores. Be sure to tell us what you think in Improving!

All of these improvements are designed to not only make the most valuable resource online for sharing and discovering great musical works but for learning them as well.

We hope you’ll be as excited about this new feature as we were to create it for you, and as always we look forward to your feedback.

This is just the first of an exciting series of updates and releases for MuseScore PianoRoll; we're already hard at work on improving the experience!

What's your favorite type of scale?

Note: I'm not asking about specific scales, like A major or D Phrygian. I'm asking about different modes and stuff, like major pentatonic, Lydian, or Hungarian minor.

My personal favorite is double harmonic major. It has IM7, IIM7, IIImM7, IVmM7, V7♭5, VIM7♯5, and II7 third inversion. That's a lot of jargon, I know, but it's kinda silly how weird this scale is.
For example: D E♭ F♯ G A B♭ C♯