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Sax in the City Alain Crepin

Transcription to C-instruments

I own the partiture of 'Sax in the City of Alain Crepin' inclusive all parts and the altsaxophone solo for saxophone-orchester (Es and Bes instruments). I want to play the altsaxophone-solo with my accordeon-ensemble (all C-instruments). How can I transcript all the music to C-instruments (exclusive the Alt-saxophone solo)? Can someone help me?

Is creationism a valid scientific theory?

I would say yes, it is.

The definition of a theory is:
" a supposition or a system of ideas intended to explain something, especially one based on general principles independent of the thing to be explained. "

I believe creationism fits this definition for a couple of reasons:
A) It explains the world we live in based on the authority of the bible
B) Its principles are based on beliefs that superseded even the scientific method. Therefore it is not made invalid simply because it has been though to be temporarily 'disproved' by the scientific community. 
C) It forms a coherent and logical argument for the way this world works based on the axiom that the bible is a reliable source. 

For those who would argue against my view, two possible places to start are:
I) Trying to undermine the authority of the bible, because without its authority the creationism theory is pointless. This is the most effective but also the hardest means of disproving the creationism theory. 
II) Disproving the logic behind the creationism theory. This is slightly easier to do but less effective because it does not disprove the authority in which the logic is based on, meaning that a new logical explanation can be formed which fills the gaps in the old one. 

I look forward to having a civil conversation with you all ;)


Hi! I only just found this group and I am indeed a teenage composer (I'm 15 lol).I just wanted to share some of my best songs cause why not and I need opinions.


Endless Woods:
I Tried:
Ribbon in the Field:
Air Lock:

Note entry needs a triplet selector

I don't see how to include pictures here, or I would show you. Stay with the long description. This was a feature of a notation program that I had in 1986 on an Atari computer! (yeah, I'm *that* old)

Why not include a special "duple-triple" selector in note entry? Entering music that shifts from regular duple (eighth notes) to triplet (eighth note triplet) should be as easy as shifting from eighth note to quarter note. The current tuplet system is more awkward than it should be.

You would click on the added button to change modes.  The appearance of the button will change depending on the mode. When duple (this is how it is now) it would show two eighth notes beamed. When in triple mode it would show three eighth notes beamed. In triple mode, if you select eighth note and enter a note, it would start an eighth-note-triplet to cover one quarter note. In duple mode, the eighth note would be just as it is now. Triplet mode quarter note will start a quarter-note-triplet that covers two beats.

This is not a replacement for the current tuplet system. I only want to enhance note entry. This enhancement would make it easier to enter triplets. Other tuplets would be done with the current setup.

I’d like to get to know you guys so let’s talk!

I know i am that annoying teenager that posts things all the time and is on almost 24/7,but i would like some discussion so let me start off...
(You may answer any of my optional questions if you want)
Option 1:How are you today?
Option 2:Can you Tell me about thyself?
Option 3:what ya doing right now?
If you feel this is too creepy than feel free to just tell me to shut my mouth,but i really wanna meet new people...
Oh p.s personal info(if you wanna know)
I am a 14 y/o boy with sadness issues,and i like hoodies.Also my favorite animal would either be a fox or a wolf.

Trump on Twitter

What are your thoughts?
Personally, I hate him. He tweets so much!! For example, on January 26th, he tweeted 12 times! Also, he clearly doesn't have a good grasp of the English language. He capitalizes the first letters of random words in a sentence, like Country and, you know what, just go look on Twitter. 
Also that time when literally Homeland Security said the numbers he tweeted out were completely fake.
I think Twitter can be useful for a president to communicate with the country, but he is not using it appropriately at ALL.
A good portion of his tweets are racist and offensive.
I am currently on my school laptop, so I can't provide actual links as I am not able to get on Twitter, but I can look them up on my phone and quote them directly.

Note: This is not a debate about Trump's effectiveness. It is about his use of Twitter. They are two different things.

Have fun!! xD

Hey, all!

So, I’m not a teacher YET. But I really want to be one. But where do you even start when teaching younger kids piano? Sight reading? Cords? Showing them the notes on the piano? Do things that get them really interested in it first? What do you do? 😅

Improving customer practices

While Musescore seems a decent product, however their customer services approach is extremely rigid and unfair. I had taken a one year Pro membership an year ago, however couldn't use the account much and almost forgot about it. I realized few days ago that I have been charged for another year due to some apparent default auto-renewal option which I wasn't aware of. When I contacted about the issue, I was pointed towards some T&Cs hidden somewhere in the contract when you sign up for the membership and was refused the payment. 

When I cancelled the account the system allowed it without any issues. So essentially I have paid for services which I have no access to. 

I haven't come across any reputed business that would extract money from unwilling customers for services they are not using in this manner. 

The folks behind Musescore need to think about this if they really want to build some respect for themselves in the long run.