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I'm new, and I have questions...

Hello. I have been looking around for a group where I can post some scores that i have ideas for. I don't have them yet, but the reason i plan to make them is for some very special projects. There will be one score WAY more important than the rest (though i wont tell anyone why just yet) and i just want to make sure they are safe. If anyone stole any of the scores i plan to make, (well I'd be a flattered) but i would probably sob for hours and never write a score again. I just kinda want to make sure this group is safe and was wondering if there are any steps i can take, besides copyright, to protect my scores from thieves. 


Okay, I know a bunch of you are gonna give the whole "I don't relationships" thing, but what do you think about promposals? Like, should a guy ALWAYS go for ridiculous and over the top promposals or like do what they want to and what's best for the girl they want to ask?

I am for the second of those, and I find the over the top ones not genuine at ALL. Like, if you really want to show them you love them, just ask (maybe get some flowers and chocolates too)

What are you like as a person?

Well, I'm a diamond. A person with many facets.

I'm normally a really nice and quirky person. If I'm feeling generous or loving, I won't mind giving out goods to ya. My brain often over-fires itself, and I think too fast sometimes. And I just might occasionally tell you what you are feeling and why you feel like that. I also beat myself up a lot because of my own expectations, and I can be really hard-headed at times. Nine times out of ten, a long hug will fix most of my sadness issues. I think it will, nobody's ever hugged me like that before. But I will weird you out in a few minutes if you actually find me.

What do you look like?

I have lightish brown hair, that’s short on the sides, long in the middle. It’s not like a mohawk, it’s taken more to the side, and it’s not wild, but more neat. I have dark brown eyes, glasses (more of that rectangular-square style), I’m just shy of 5’10. Uhhhh what else... I’m trim... I currently have braces.
I think that describes me.

Clothing... if it’s casual, my shoes are always Vans. I’m always wearing jeans (more slim fit) cuffed, and I usually wear a T-Shirt or a button up. Usually it’s like a Rock & Republic type T-Shirt, but I also wear long sleeved more stylish shirts and nice button up shirts. My style is super casual, I like, never wear stuff with logos. I like matching my outfits and making sure stuff blends well.
Sometimes, people think it’s weird that I’m a guy that’s really into style and looking nice. But hey, just because I blow dry my hair doesn’t mean I’m weird. 😂 So, yeah! I think that describes how I look. What about you?

Impossible to read with Chrome browser a music score embed on my site and synced to a Youtube video

For some time, it's mpossible to read with Chrome browser a music score embed on my site and synced to a Youtube video (Manage Audio Source).
while reading is correct with Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer and on the site
Namely, last month it was working fine.

You can try: