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Why Compose In Certain Keys

Hey Everyone!

I'm working on my first few pieces and learning a lot in the process. 

I'm trying to figure out how to pick a key for a song. Is there a general rule of thumb that happy songs are written in certain keys, sad songs fit into others, moody songs fit in the rest.  

How do YOU select the keys for your songs?

Also what resources really helped you when you first started out?

I feel pretty good asking you guys, because I have a lot of respect for the songs that are posted here.

Thanks Guys


Some changes are in effect for making this group better, and more rewarding for our competitors and winners!

1. We will be providing feed back for each score instead of only 1st place winner to specify strengths and weaknesses in your scores for future reference. 

2. We will be keeping a list of JAY and JOHN'S CHALLENGES' winners in a separate discussion as a "WALL OF FAME" for recognition of first place winners, and as motivation for competitors.

Also Jay and I are reviewing your scores to decide the final winner this Saturday! And trust me when I say, it's not an easy decision. xD Thanks everyone!

-John & Jay

Want to role play

Since this group is for talking and role playing, I figured I should start it. When posting make sure to post as a comment and not a reply. Please do not go overboard or post anything not 18+ or any weird romantic stuff unless it’s contributing to overall story *cough* musicfox *cough*

Here’s the start. It’s in a tavern in some fantasy medieval village. A few people are having a drink of rum or something.

I’ll be the guy who works at the place. You start.

Der sichtbare Teil der Kleidung sehr ähnlich zu normalen stilvolle Kleidung

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