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Needed! Experienced SAX Composers!!! PLEASE READ ALL

I Have a production "Company" in the works we have a website and I am currently working alone on music. I would love to have some partners to assist me in my ventures! You must be active and keep in mind, there is no pay, I am just looking for some people who would like to help me publish saxophone music, and join Cashyman Productions. If you join you will be listed on the website and you will also be added as an admin. Thanks, looking forward to working with you,



Hi! I am the new group owner Jakob Altmann. First I'd like to introduce myself a little! I'm a 14 year old composer from Germany and I play the violin. My favourite genres are the classical and romantical era, as well as pop music. I will try to answer as much discussions as possible and give you feedback!
This group is perfect for getting reviews and feedback on your compositions (not on pro level) and for talking to other amateur composers and getting to know them! Please follow these rules in order to make sure, that this group's concept works!
1. please give feedback under another feedback request in this group after asking for advice or advertising your piece
2. only one advertisement for your music in a week
3. preferrably original compositions
4. No title of a discussion, that is in all UPPERCASE letter, because that can seem annoying
5. be friendly and try to help others

Ok, then I wish you a good time in this group!
Also, maybe introduce yourself under this discussion (your instruments, favourite styles and composers etc.)!