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J'aime plus que ce mariage - je suis complètement épris de cela

in Piano

 Love My Dress a constamment inspiré en raison de la combinaison de
histoires personnelles, belles photographies et grandes listes de fournisseurs. Il

donne juste un grand sens de la joie d'un mariage sans faire un grand
vendre ou vous faire sentir comme vous avez besoin d'une liste de contrôle de choses à faire
votre journée complète! "

J'aime plus que ce mariage - je suis complètement épris de cela. Merci infiniment Louise pour tes merveilleuses paroles aimables à propos de Love My Dress, nous l'apprécions tellement et nous pensons que tu regardes ce MONDE avec ta belle robe twirly des années 50 Joanne Fleming - va fille!

Je ne veux pas vraiment finir ce post de blog - boooo !! Si vous souhaitez plus de la même chose, visitez ces pages sur notre blog pour être encore plus inspiré; Années 1950, rose, Brighton
, Jacqui McSweeney Photography et Joanne Fleming Design.

J'espère que vous avez un après-midi ensoleillé, chers lecteurs de blogs et chers lecteurs, merci de votre visite aujourd'hui, nous l'apprécions énormément. 

Vibrato for Trumpet

in Brass

Hey all!
This one is mainly a question for high brass but if any other could help me that would be great. I'm in 11th grade and I am a 3rd year trumpet. Right now, we are focusing on marching songs, but after Football season, we mainly play concert songs. One of those is a pretty well known trumpet piece called "A Trumpeter's Lullaby". I normally am a second chair but my band director "surprised me" and gave me solo. I've played it before but never solo. Since I am doing the solo, should I use vibrato at the appropriate times? If so, what method should I use? I obviously wouldn't use the wind speed method. So I would either use my hand or move my jaw slightly. Which one should I use? Let me know!

3 MuseScore PRO accounts giveaway! How to receive one?

in Piano

Nice to meet you — my name is Mikhail Kirilin, i am the public relation manager of MuseScore — the best open source scores editor. Maybe you've heard about us ;)
And i've heard the community can be interested to receive our 1-year pro accounts. Right now i've got three 1-year pro accounts for you — but first i'd like to tell you the conditions how to receive one and save $49! Pro account features, like unlimited uploads and advanced statistics are described here.

You need to complete the simple conditions:

  • To write a blog post (facebook, instagram, reddit — any social media place is welcome) about your experience with MuseScore editor.
  • It can be a review, some professional tips & tricks, small educational video: any quality or fun content dedicated to the MuseScore too!
  • Tag @musescore on Facebook or Twitter & add the hashtag #iwantmusescorepro
    Send the publication link to my mail Don't forget to mention your MuseScore account name there!

At the end of the month, September 30th, our team will pick the next winners:
  1. The best at likes, reposts and reactions. The popular publication = win;
  2. The most interesting & helpful post. Our team will take the most professional post;
  3. The most creative publication — it can be anything! Even the photo/video/meme/joke... whatever!

Feel free to ask any questions!