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Pathetique Project

So this is a project I am working on. I am trying to orchestrate the Pathetique Sonata. But unlike last time, I am having trouble orchestrating the melody.

In the red boxes is the melody I am trying to orchestrate. All I really know is that before the sostenuto section, I don't want brass and once it is reached, I do want brass so that the low woodwinds can be freed up for the bass chords.

Here is what I have so far of the woodwinds:

As you can see, I have it on the concert pitch setting to make writing the clarinet and horn parts easier. Also, I currently have the clarinet taking the lowest melody line starting in its lowest octave.

Help with Page Layout

Hello. I'm currently working on an orchestral arrangement of the Star Spangled Banner with a ton of instruments. However I seem to be having trouble with my score. On the first page of my score, the staves are evenly spaced out. But on my second page, everything is really condensed. In fact each stave for every instrument is at least 2 mm apart from each other and I don't know how to fix it. Is there any way solve this issue? Feedback and advice is very much appreciated.

My first upload! Annabel for Orchestra

Hi All

This is an orchestral piece I wrote for my local community orchestra; All Seasons Orchestra in York, England.

Parts: 2 flutes, 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, Bassoon, horn F, trumpet Bb, trombone Bb, strings, timp, triangle.

I've left in my notes on the harmonic structure at the bottom of the score for information only

I'd greatly appreciate any comments ! This is my first post so please excuse if I've put this in the wrong place

Many thanks in advance


Tell me what should I do next?

I have too many ideas as too what to put up next, please help me decide which to finish and put up.

Choices are:
Demons-Imagine Dragons
Believer-Imagine Dragons
I Bet My Life-Imagine Dragons
Viva La Vida-Coldplay
The Greatest Show-The Greatest Showman
From Now On-The Greatest Showman
Dragonhearted-Tryhardninja & Captainsparkles

I will take the one with the most votes by the end of Jan. 12 2019

(Please make it easier on me, just reply to any to any comment that is already there for the song you want)



Hi, I am willing to finalize a musical score for anyone that puts a link to their music in the comment section (Meaning I will make your score look professional to the best of my ability). I will even put together separate instrument parts. I am thinking about careers in design and formatting and I believe the work of a music copyist combines my love in music with my future goals. I am doing this for practice so I will charge no money for the peoples scores that I choose to finalize. Thank you

Epic Orchestral Music and Machine Learning

My name is Luís Espírito Santo and I am a Portuguese engineering, AI researcher and composer. I'm starting this discussion because I'm currently trying to apply some machine learning models (deep learning/neural networks) to epic music composition within the project MuCaGEx for my master thesis.

I have contacted privately some people on this group previously, but since recently I  have been unable to send private message,s I decided to discuss it openly here. I would like to know if some of you would be available to help me with this task.
You could help me in three different ways:   

1) I need to create a dataset of orchestral epic music that intends only to be used to train and study machine learning models, must not be used for human artistic manipulation and I'll ensure there is references for all the sources and authors in it. If you let me gather some of your original orchestral pieces you consider really epic, it would be really amazing. I believe this would be a very interesting contribution to the scientific community. 

2) I would like to know what is your concept of "epic" music and know why you shared some of your works in this group dedicated to "Epic Orchestral Music". This may help me to understand what defines "epic music".
3) As soon as I have some results, would you be available to comment on those and/or to answer to a questionnaire about it?

My email is if you want to contact me privately or more directly.

Thank you very much!
Best Regards and Happy New Year for you all