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Huge Doctor Who Medley Song Requests

Hello Fellow Whovians! I would like to know which songs should be put in my Doctor Who medley, which I am trying to make the biggest and the best Doctor Who Medley out there! It is called "I Would Do Anything, For You"

So Far it consists of:
1) Trenzalore/The Long Song/I am Information (Reprise)
2) Together or Not at All: The Song of Amy and Rory (WIP)

And the Confirmed Songs are:
3) The Doctor Forever
4) The Mad Man in a Box
5) Vale Decem
6) Clara's Theme
7) Don't
8) River of Tears
9) The Doctor's Final Journey
10) Tell Me Who You Are
11) The Wedding of River Song
12) Melody Pond

A List of The Suggested Songs:
13) Song for Four/Home
14) Abigail's Song
15) Madame de Pompadour
16) Rose Defeats the Daleks
17) Rose's Theme
18) Bad Wolf Theme
19) Am I a Good Man? (Twelve's Theme)
20) The Cybermen Theme
21) This is Gallifrey

What songs would YOU like to see? I would like this to be, what's the word, Fantastic? No, Brilliant? No, Cool. That's it! Cool! Doctor Who Medley's are cool.

Updated Voting Rules


  • Voting will be done via a Google form, which @Aqueous Humourati will make available once all submissions are final
  • Only members of this group will be allowed to vote, however, you may join for the sole purpose of voting
  • Each person will be permitted to cast one and only one vote towards any composition that is not their own
  • A valid vote must include the voters current Musescore user name in the appropriate field on the said form
  • The final winner will be announced as soon as possible once voting is closed
  • Please view every competing composition before casting you vote
  • All cast votes are final

Remember that voting begins on Dec 21st at 12:00 AM eastern time and ends at 3:00 PM eastern time.
Submissions must be sent before 5:00 PM eastern time on Dec 20th.

Thank you very much @Aqueous Humourati for writing this update!

While in the next phase Maple M Mesos

in Piano

While in the next phase, try to maintain behind Lotus to prevent his cable jab. So don't worry about them that far the big vertical inks will only take you up. Every time a blue ball of energy seems over his  head, he's healing, strike him and the cure will fail, but leave him be and a  Maple M Mesos

Mode is similar to the stage on steroids; the soccer ball will be red, not blue, although you'll follow the same principles as the phase. When he begins using suction, jag-jump or teleport away from himor he will hit on you with a wire jab. Occasionally he'll lay down a apparatus, which will prevent you from leaping, beware of this move, particularly if he turns the display dark.

If you haven't weakened Lotus he'll dash screen off and the point will go dim. In this time, fear a lot and get ready to move; he will fire balls of energy at the display that deal massive damage, but they do provide you a very short time to see where they will land. Try not to backtrack too much or you'll walk right into one. Be ready to heal here since potions have a cooldown.

Should you hit Runaway mode and die/run from time, you are going to get the opportunity to weaken Lotus (4 beams>3 beams, much poorer attacks, no dark screen on runaway, less debris, even less health) by messing with all the electric wires. Use that, it is going to help if you are really stuck.

Actually Taken Music Theory?

in Brass

Hey, just curious, out of the people here who work on transcribing pieces from songs and such, how many of you have actually taken a music theory class/lessons/self-taught.

(If you've gone to college for Music, then please don't respond. I'm curious because I'm noticing a lot more pieces and transcriptions on here that have chords and such that don't make much sense.)

HELP! Alto Saxophone Articulation

Hello everyone,

I am a alto saxophone player who has around 2 1/2 years of experience and has been in private lessons and band the whole time

I never learned/misunderstood articulation and have been just blowing air. I believed that I sounded pretty good that way and could play advanced pieces.

Recently I learned this was wrong and I honestly sound terrible if I try to articulate. Should I play in band without articulation and practice articulation at home until I can articulate in band without sounded bad? Not sure what to do and if you all have videos for me to watch to help with my articulation (not that I think they will help; my private lesson teacher is very helpful and I still couldn't get tonguing down at all in 30 minutes; this could be because I have been playing a different way for 2 1/2 years) 

I do wear Invisalign (not sure if that makes it harder to articulate)