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Composer Needed for Superhero Theme Song

Hello. I'm looking for someone who can compose a theme for a superhero. I'd do it myself, but I absolutely suck at writing melody. I can write a good percussion track, but I'm musically useless past that. I'd like it to sound like a mix of orchestra and rock. The hero himself is the kind of guy who sucks at his job, but can still get it done, so people are still happy to see him because he's at least better than nothing and it's entertaining watching him get his a** kicked in the process because he's such an idiot. He has no real powers; just some cheap props he made out of random objects with overly grand names (example: make a lasso out of multi-colored yarn and call it The Rainbow Rope of Awesome Justice.) In that regard, one could say he's like Batman if Bruce Wayne was a working-class idiot instead of a billionaire detective.
With this in mind, I'm thinking it should sound kind of kick-a** while also sounding a bit silly.

Help with Sax sound

Hi everyone! 

New to the alto sax and i have a quick question, when i go to play i have about one or two seconds of just air and then the sound comes out fine - is this caused by my breathing, embouchure or reed? I have no idea? I just want a clean sound to come out the moment I begin. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! :)

Your Top 20 Undertale Songs!

Count Down Your Top 20 Undertale OST Songs!
Here's Mine:

20. Your Best Nightmare
19. Once Upon A Time
18. Heartache
17. Waterfall
16. His Theme
15. It’s Showtime!
14. Spider Dance
13. Hotel
12. Finale
11. SAVE The World
10. Dating Start!
9. Spear Of Justice
8. Battle Against A True Hero
7. Metal Crusher
6. Megalovania
5. It’s Raining Somewhere Else
4. Hopes And Dreams
3. Undertale
2. Death By Glamour


And the Undertale Character Awards go to....

Best Character: Mettaton EX
Character with best design: Mettaton EX
Funniest Character: Papyrus
Saddest Character to kill (In Genocide): Toriel
Character you'd most want to give up a Genocide route for: Papyrus
Worst Character: Tie between Asriel and Snowdin Shopkeeper
Character with best battle (If not a boss, character with best conversation): Undyne The Undying
Best Boss: Flowey
Best Vendor: Burgerpants
Character that should be explored more: The Amalgamates
Strangest character: Annoying Dog


The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Hey guys, if you haven't already seen my medleys, I highly suggest you do because what I'm asking you guys about is for a medley I'm going to be working on, which is the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

What I'm asking you guys about an idea I've had that deals with the timeline. The idea is that for the ending of the medley, I would create two separate endings, one of the Link's success, and the other of Link's failure.

What I'm mostly asking for is just some suggestions on how I could incorporate this into the medley, some songs that I can use for the endings, and just your overall opinions.

Thank You!

Sheet music for hymn needed

This is the song which i need sheet music, can you please provide me the original sheet music:

I was laden down with sin,
Full of wickedness within,
In the darkness of despair, regret and loss;
When I heard a gentle voice
And it made my heart rejoice:
“Come find rest, thy heavy laden, at the cross.”

At the cross, at the cross,
There my sins were all forgiven at the cross
There my burdens rolled away
There my night was turned to day
There I met my blessed Saviour at
the cross