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Study Music Project 3: All-Nighter

This is one of my favorite albums from Dennis. From this album, we got my personal favorite "Crystal Rose," the amazing "Ever Eternity," and many others. 

I'm currently working on retypesetting my transcription of "Ever Eternity," which I originally wrote using quarter notes for the left hand (special thanks to @TNTErick for the suggestion). After I finish typesetting "Ever Eternity," I'm planning to work on "Reminiscence (Tea Version)" for a new style and challenge!

What was your first encounter with Kurtág's music?

It is often love on first sight. The same is the case with music. So tell us here what was the first piece by Kurtág you experienced something special. 

For me it was his 'Perpetuum mobile' from the Játékok series. Here he treats the keyboard as a "found object" (objet trouvé). The challenge is often to make something of the most limited elements. Here Kurtág only uses glissandi to build up his piece with.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Hey guys, if you haven't already seen my medleys, I highly suggest you do because what I'm asking you guys about is for a medley I'm going to be working on, which is the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

What I'm asking you guys about an idea I've had that deals with the timeline. The idea is that for the ending of the medley, I would create two separate endings, one of the Link's success, and the other of Link's failure.

What I'm mostly asking for is just some suggestions on how I could incorporate this into the medley, some songs that I can use for the endings, and just your overall opinions.

Thank You!

Lord of the Rings Sheet Music

Hey everyone! I know this group hasn't been very active in a while, but I wanted to share a great resource I found with you. This person has transcribed gobs of songs from all three LotR movies for piano, and they are AMAZING!!!! Even if you don't play piano, you will probably find this sheet music invaluable as a transcribing resource. Hope you enjoy it!

New Fantastic Beasts

Hey! What's everyones thoughts about this upcoming Fantastic Beasts? Any ideas what creatures? Or what might come up?
And how do I upload a score to this group, because I just finished transcribing Ministry of Magic (the one from Deathly Hallows part one, not Order of the Phoenix) and would like to upload it here.

How do you think about miniatures?

If your are a composer of miniatures, to what type do you belong? Are your miniatures playful and witty, like a Beethoven bagatelle? Or are they very condensed, à la Webern? Are they ascetic, like those of Boris Yoffe (see link)? Or are they poetic, intuitive impressions, à la Mompou. Something else? Something 'Kafkaesk'? Or something between?

I think most of my miniatures belong to the poetic, intuitive type. I have affinity with a certain type of zen drawings. Not the doodles that people draw at boring meetings. But the simple observations of everyday life, that are roughly sketched without almost any deliberate control. 



Thank you for setting up this group and giving the biographical information. I am looking for some recommendations for Bach music. I see from the information here that Bach was German, and also Lutheran, with the Straight sexual orientation. I am French, and Catholic, and have Gay sexual orientation. Is there any Bach music that you would recommend I start with? Any pieces that are just a little bit gay? Or are they all fully straight? Also, something maybe not so Protestant would be good, if you know of it. 

Thank you,

N. Bardot