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Fantasy Worlds!

If you could chose a fantasy world from literature to live in, which one would it be?
Mine would be Harry Potter for the most part, but Middle-earth really appeals to me as I love Tolkiens' writing!

Just a side note, but I am in a essay writing class of like 10 people and I was the only one who had read any Tolkien before we started! Now writing an essay on light and darkness in the Silmarillion.

Improve your Singing and Vocal Performance

Many artists fail to practice their most important instrument; their voice. No matter your age or skill level, building your voice through voice rehearsals can always add some value to your next musical project. Did you know that your Larynx (what allows you to sing), contains five major muscles and two of them specifically create the quality of your voice, such as pitch and tone.  They are called the Arytenoid muscle group and the Crico-Thyroid muscle group, and they control two different registers.  The lower register, known as the chest voice, is the action of the Arytenoid group. The upper register (Falsetto voice), on the other hand, is handled by the Crico-Thyroid.

There are a few more differences between the upper and lower registers.  The lower register tends to produce a heavier sound, while the upper register produces a higher tone commonly associated with females.   There is also a big break (or “crack”) between the two registers between the notes E and F and above middle C.  The action of these muscle groups is what causes this break to occur, and training to avoid this break is what great singers do to maintain a quality vocal tone and range.

During singing rehearsal, most programs that offer voice lessons train people to change these involuntary muscle actions in order to eliminate this break.  The goal is to have the upper and lower registers come together to from one big vocal range.  Voice lessons are always helpful, even if you already know how to sing. There is always room for improvement, and practicing, especially with a teacher, will only allow you to enhance your singing abilities, which will ultimately make your music sound better overall. Even the industry’s top signers maintain vocal coaches and practice consistently. Think of your voice like a well tuned athlete. If they don’t practice, exercise and use their bodies every day they will slowly deteriorate. The same applies to your voice. Use it or lose it.

Voice lessons allow you to form new vocal responses, break bad vocal habits, increase your resonance and develop smoother transitions between notes.  By training your muscles to work in a different and effective way to improve your singing, you will be able to build endurance and learn to sing without these breaks.  Voice rehearsals are importance because since they help the artist’s singing ability and if your lead singer sounds great; your band will sound great. By scheduling regular voice rehearsals or voice lessons, you will notice an improvement in your tone, flexibility to sing at various pitches, better accuracy, balance, and an increase in the range of melodies your are able to sing.

Here is my  page where you can learn more about my music.

TWMC #1 - RESULTS! (To be updated soon)

Alright! Please forgive me for such late (and unfinished) results. We do not have a declared winner yet, but so far Kenobingondolin2019 is in the lead! Please stay updated on the results by checking the community page and let me know if any competitors are left out on the list below.
Thank you all so much for your patience.

Jackie Carson -

IamAm -

KingChocolate - 95.3 pts.

Serena Michaels -

clarinetistdavid - 85.7 pts.

MusicRebel - 93.3 pts.

Kenobiingondolin2019 - 99.3 pts.

Robin Pannenberg - 89.7 pts.

jmoses - 95.7 pts.

sirman1234 - 92.3 pts.