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ECC# 1 (Competition Reboot!!)

ECC #1
Hey guys! This is a reboot of the “Epic Composer Competition” series. It is still called “Epic Composer Competition” but will be referred to as ECC for easy reading. Grading will be done with the rubric and will be doing these competitions once a month. 

Starts: December 1st (Saturday)
Submission Due: December 20th (Thursday)
Results: December 23rd (Sunday)

Create an original score that features a full orchestra with a rock band! 

0. If any of these rules are broken, a 1- or 2-point penalty will be applied to each category of scoring.
1. One score can be submitted only. If it hasn't been submitted before (here), then you can submit it.
2. All submissions MUST BE ORIGINAL! (No arrangements or remixes)
3. Must use a full/concert orchestra and rock band (at least 1-2 guitars, bass guitar, and drum set)
4. Must be 1 min 30 sec to 4 min 30 sec long!!
5: Submission is to be titled “ECC #1”
Link to group:
7: Always follow the objective (Above)

There will be most:
All of these sections of judging rewards are optional so they won’t affect your score positively or negatively.
Creativity (The uniqueness in themes and instrumentation)
Effective Entertainment (Keeps audience attention positively and engages thoughts of sound)
Realistic (Being able to perform what’s written and notation is readable/correct)
Competition (Full development of the themes presented)
Point System:
1 to 2 = lowest
3 to 4 = below standard
5 to 6 = standard
7 to 8 = above standard
9 to 10 = highest
ECC#1 is building off previous competitions. So, if you want to suggest changes or methods to make this better then feel to. Also, if you want extensive advice or want to do collaboration on any of your scores then feel free to contact me through Musescore or email. Please spread word of all this content and strive to make this part of the community a better place. Thank you for all the support so far! I'm looking forward to these competitions coming up. Good luck all!

Updated Voting Rules


  • Voting will be done via a Google form, which @Aqueous Humourati will make available once all submissions are final
  • Only members of this group will be allowed to vote, however, you may join for the sole purpose of voting
  • Each person will be permitted to cast one and only one vote towards any composition that is not their own
  • A valid vote must include the voters current Musescore user name in the appropriate field on the said form
  • The final winner will be announced as soon as possible once voting is closed
  • Please view every competing composition before casting you vote
  • All cast votes are final

Remember that voting begins on Dec 21st at 12:00 AM eastern time and ends at 3:00 PM eastern time.
Submissions must be sent before 5:00 PM eastern time on Dec 20th.

Thank you very much @Aqueous Humourati for writing this update!


Hey fellow composers

I'm fairly decent at doing lyrics for songs and alike. I've written a lot of songs myself but can't really show off my collection since I'm not a PRO user just yet. 

ANYHOW - that doesn't prevent me from collabing with any of you.
Throw me a message with a link to your song, it's theme or any ideas you might have on it and I'd love to do some lyrics for it.

Furtherly about me:
I've been singing for 15 years in total, both choir-wise and solo, so I have some experience with that field.
I've written lyrics for all genres this far but all classical pieces: pop, rock, prog. rock/fusion, jazz (blues) duettes as well as solo.  

In hope of something to do, 
G. B. Wanscher


Hi guys!
We decided that we're not going to have judges, we're going to have open voting from members. NO VOTING FOR YOURSELF!!!
How it's going to work is, at 12:00 AM on Dec 21st eastern time you can start voting, i will have posted a discussion solely for voting purposes by then and all the links to the pieces you're voting for will be in there,
comment the Username of the person you're voting for on the discussion and that gives the said person one point, an admin's vote equals five point's... 
Voting ends at 3:00 pm eastern time and the winner will be announced sometime before the end of the day!

Is that clear? Any questions?
This is going to be fun!

Ps. Please advertise this group all over the place, the more members the merrier! 

First composition competition

This competition is for your first competition to be rated on a scale of 1-10 by the appointed judges (there will be 3 that are appointed as they want to be made judges).  It is often the first composition that we cringe at the the most, eh?  Maybe we can also grade them on that scale.  Of course not.  You are also allowed to edit or update your score that you want to publish as your first composition.  This is an ongoing competition that is updated weekly.  The top 3 songs are rated weekly as well.
Let's goo!

Hi everyone, would you help me improve? :)

Hi, musical composition is my favorite pastime but I know I do not do it very well. Could you help me improve by giving me your criticism, advice and anything else I can learn from? I would really appreciate it: D
These are my tracks :D