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Uploaded on Nov 17, 2017

Thursday Notation No. 5
Download MP3: http://get.cdnza.org/la05
*Sound Used: Col Legno Strings-EastWest / Staccato Strings- 8Dio
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"Skyward Peace"
¿What is Thursday Notation?
On Thursdays, I'll be releasing a new short piece of music. This is more or less a (fun) challenge to help overcome writers block by giving myself a deadline, and not having to necessarily complete it.
This song is released under the Creative Commons Attribution license. You're more than welcome to download, share and modify this piece as much as your heart desires, as long as you give due credit somewhere (but in no way does it have to imply any endorsing). Read the full details about the license here: https://cdnza.org/license
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Thursday Notation #Thursation Blank Cadenza Benjamin Basford Weekly

Pages 2
Duration 0:40
Measures 17
Key signature 3 flats
Parts 6
Part names Violin
Strings (5)
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License Attribution
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In reply to by Big Pig

Thank you Kolbe! When it comes to using different string techniques, like col legno, it's hard to gauge how it'll be perceived by the audience. Appreciate you checking this out :D

Very interesting black and white sheet music.... WE MUST DO ALL sheet music like that from now on, just to hurt the eyes of billions!!! Mwahhahahahahaha!!!

In reply to by Mozart_Forever

Since this piece is kind of a successor to "Dark Legnoids" and I didn't use this dark theme for that song, I felt obligated to use it for this. Better late than never! Also, whoa. Calm down there satan.
Time to put your username to the test, which Mozart piece did I...um...borrow for the solo violin's melody?