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For Solo (instrumental or vocal part)

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Uploaded on Jul 26, 2018

Mainly being a violinist, I might be a 'lil bit out of touch on how playable this piece is for beginning pianists. Any other feedback on the notation and/or music theory is also welcome :) Thanks!
This song is an arrangement of "MIDI Monday 27" ( https://cdnza.org/mondi27/ ) by Blank Cadenza. This takes the piano part, and condenses it down to the essentials.

piano solo feedback playability help I haven't posted a score in over a year ...I think I forgot how to MuseScore...

Pages 1
Duration 01:02
Measures 31
Key signature 3 flats
Parts 1
Part names Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
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Reminds me a lot of Child of Light, that game had a wonderful soundtrack... very similar to this!
Been a couple years since I last heard that soundtrack. I think Imma go listen to it now actually, thanks :)
This is very pretty! Also, I find it fairly easy. Probably slightly easier than Fur Elise.
Awesome! Glad to hear those octaves are pretty doable then. Also, thanks for the compliment :D
so does this mean you're back? as far as beginner playability, i think i will forever be a beginner (i have to seriously practice to manage my own pieces; most, i haven't yet), but i think i could manage this (perhaps slower) with a lot of practice. some of those jumps (like at measure 9) are pretty big.
I don't know about being back, but I do have a holiday piece that I'll be throwing up during winter ;) Completely on your boat though, with the beginner forever. I was able to manage this through quite a bit of practice, and even then, it's a very basic progression. Hardest part (as confirmed by you) seems to be the octave jumps. Thanks Tommy!

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