The Review 2017 | Anniversary Medley

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Violin (2) • Viola • Cello • Contrabass

"The Review 2017" by Blank Cadenza. To celebrate another year of posting Creative Commons music on the internet, here's a recap (or clips show if you will) of the songs written within the past year. It was fun to go back and revisit/rewrite these songs together. Last year I got lazy by doing this completely in pizzicato form, which was kind of cheating when it came to mixing and rendering. But…

Canon in D Harmonic | Archived Songs

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Violin (2) • Viola • Cello

Back in 2012 for finals in Orchestra, we were separated into trios and quartets. I ended up in one of the quartets, with us being assigned to play Pachelbel's Canon to be graded on. It was soon decided that we wanted to mess with the teacher a 'lil bit. So, one day after school, I went to the music theory room to have a little fun with this piece in Finale. The twist we decided on was to play…

He Cometh Bach

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Organ (2) • Violin (2) • Viola • Cello • Contrabass

After the invasion of Brandenburg was a success, the leader had retired to his little cot on the Mediterranean Sea. Now that time has passed, there have been small uprisings happening more often throughout the city. When the old leader hears about this, he decides it's time to leave retirement, and lead his army back into the city to restore peace.

An April Day | Archived Songs

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Violin (2) • Viola • Cello

What does @★音楽愛好家★ℳoℓℓyℳawk★, @Cocoroco, @LMWeinreich, @haden2112, @wind.e, @wilburcullen, @Marco5, @TheEvoDragon, @Liam Wallace, and @bright have in common? Well, they participated in my April Fools joke I did on Musescore back in 2015! I originally had this piece posted, with an encrypted message in the description. To get a decryption key to unlock my message, they had to fill out this form…


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Violin (3) • Viola • Cello • Contrabass

Being able to drive a car is great! You have a whole new freedom when you can drive. Becoming independent, being able to explore for no given reasons, going out to socialize. So many possibilities arise!... But it can also be your demise. As in Joseph's case. This is dedicated to a friend who passed away back in November 2016 due to a car crash.