Butterfly Fly Away - Miley Cyrus

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As close as I can get to the transcription of this song taken from the Hannah Montana Movie. It's a lovely little song, with solo voice in the verses, joined by a second voice in the chorus. The end of the song's not quite like the CD version, as I've adapted it for the English-speaking choir s[i]nglish.

PS. Throughout the music I've used the chord C#m7, it can also be played as a C#7sus4, which is what you see if you watch Miley Cyrus playing it (albeit with the help of a capo). But if you drop the 'sus4', the chord has to be minor and not major, so I've left it like that anyway.

Genre: Pop
Format: Transcription

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crize2foi's picture

No probs, hope it's of some use/fun :-)

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Thanks for posting!:)

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Uploaded Oct 18, 2012
Pages 4
Duration 3:24
Measures 51
Key signature 5 sharps
Parts 2
Part names
  • Piano (2)
License Attribution, Share Alike
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