In My Room (SATB A capella)

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Voice (4)

The song and the arrangement does NOT belong to me*
A Capella ;not meant to be performed with instruments.
SATB or SABB (Baritone, Bass)
UPDATE: I made revisions with grammar mistakes and rhythm inaccuracies.

The Sound of Silence (1965 Single Version) (Complete Transcription)

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Clarinet (2) • Guitar (2) • Bass • Percussion

I love Simon and Garfunkel and I finally got around to doing one of their songs. I'm sure this is their most well-known hit, probably followed closely by Bridge Over Troubled Water or Scarborough Fair. Fun fact: Paul Simon came up with this song while sitting in his bathroom. He said some of his best songs came to him there.

Morning Has Broken Arrangement for Piano

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My arrangement of Morning Has Broken by Cat Stevens, based on the video linked in the score.

Made for those who are like me and couldn't find a decent piano arrangement.

Feel free to make any suggestions

Goldberg Variations

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This new edition of Bach's Goldberg Variations is created by MuseScore lead developer Werner Schweer. The funds to create this work raised via the crowd funding site Kickstarter (http://kck.st/opengoldberg). The edition has been refined through an open process of peer review and careful scrutiny from pianist Kimiko Ishizaka. You can listen and download…