NoteVember n°11 Chiptune

Uploaded on Nov 11, 2017

4 channels fixed waveform

Pages 2
Duration 0:54
Measures 10
Key signature natural
Parts 5
Part names Other woodwinds (2)
Synthesizer (2)
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For an arcade style game with gradually increasing difficulty, the tempo should increase every so often. Old 8-bit machines usually had 3-4 four channels every thing should be synthesized on (as samples were too heavy on the memory) .

ON Chiptune, if you want to make it authentic
Some stations had fixed waveform synthesizers (e.g. NES [IIRC] and Atari) which had the advantage of being less processing intensive thereby allowing you to equip it with more channels.

You could make clever tricks in the synthesizer to have a specific interval played on every note, which I've utilized by doubling every note on the octave.

Others [like the later Commodores] you could change waveforms on the go, which allowed for more music in less channels (3 on the Commodore 64 [IIRC]) In this you could alter the intervals in each channel on the fly