Sonic Run - Death Egg Zone 1

Uploaded on Dec 7, 2017

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Welcome to Sonic Run! It's a game I'm working on, meaning this is an original by me. Or... not exactly, actually.
Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Shadow (and Amy if you saved her) almost catch up to the Death Egg before it gets out of range away from the mountain. "It's too far away," says Tails, "even for me to fly Sonic there."
"We're too late," says Knuckles, "there's no way we're getting into it now!"
"I could go get the Tornado," says Tails.
If you have six Chaos Emeralds,
"No need," says Shadow, "did you all forget we have six Chaos Emeralds? That's more than enough to warp over there with Chaos Control."
"Then let's go!" Sonic says.
"Chaos... Control!" Shadow warps Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and himself to the Death Egg. If Amy was with them,
"Hey," she says, "what about me? Hey!!!"
But if you don't have six Chaos Emeralds,
"What are we even doing?" says Shadow. "We don't even have the Chaos Emeralds. With Eggman having had all this time to research the Emerald he has, we wouldn't stand a chance."
"You're right," says Knuckles, "we've got to get the Chaos Emeralds that we can. And fast!"
Once you get six Chaos Emeralds then, you can select Death Egg Zone with the Chaos Control ability that Shadow gets from the first (green) Chaos Emerald.
Once inside, Team Sonic must break through security and make their way towards the core.

Sonic Tails Knuckles Shadow Metal Sonic Eggman Hard Security Alarm Death Egg Robot Purple DaKook Original Not Really Sonic Run

Pages 57
Duration 03:13
Measures 73
Key signature 3 flats
Parts 8
Part names Bassoon, Trumpet, Percussion, Piano, Synthesizer, Guitar, Bass, Strings
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License None (All rights reserved)
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