Mario Kart 8 - Rainbow Road

Uploaded on May 17, 2017

I finished it! Finally! No, wait, it's not exactly finished... but it's close enough! If you notice anything missing, or any problems, please tell me! I know I didn't do perfectly, and I'm sure I missed SOMETHING.

My superpower(s): Using FL Studio 12 to help with the rhythm, using my own skills to get all the parts right and managing PITCH BENDS!
I used FL Studio to line up the original with the steps and bars so I could be sure to get the rhythm perfect. I used my super-ears to hear all the parts and my super-brain to write them down, and I used my super-SUPER-skills to do all that pitch-bending in the sine wave part. If you tried it yourself, you'd see how hard it is... This is the best score on MuseScore by far!

Hard Mario Luigi Peach Bowser Wii U MK8 Mario Kart 8 Space SuperMusers

Pages 16
Duration 02:14
Measures 48
Key signature 2 sharps
Parts 17
Part names Strings(2), Percussion(5), Voice, Synthesizer(6), Guitar(2), Bass
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Just before the repeat, I think the arpeggio goes up another octave, not sure. Also, in measures 28-29, I think the F and Eb are harmonized with a Db and C respectively. I think the cool arpeggio rhythms in the last few measures have some 16th notes in there as well. Just a few nitpicks that I think would make this piece sound almost exactly like the original, with the obvious exception of the sound font being different
Thanks! Although, the more I listen to this and the original, the more I find it different, so I have stopped seeing it that way...
3 soundfonts: Fluid, General User, and Nice Keys.
Really? Who? I have no idea who you could possibly be talking about... 🤔
Could it be... me? Naw, can't be me, right?

Back in my day, there were no walls on rainbow road (there's still no walls, I bet)
There are some walls, but only short rails here and there. It's still quite challenging.
How nice, still love the original Mario kart
Hmm, maybe I should remix a song from that. What's your favorite? Rainbow Road?
The first rainbow road, also the only rainbow road I've played
I have done it! https://musescore.com/dakook_music/super-mario-kart-rainbow-road
Thanks! I'm glad you like it! =D
Oh? Does YouTube work for you? Since I'm using a YouTube audio source, that could be the problem. Sometimes clicking on the first measure works; there's actually 5 seconds of silence at the beginning of the video.
To a degree, yes. Hopefully soon, I'll be able to fix it completely.
SO GREAT!!!! On 21 I reccomend the Ocarina but you dont have to.
Thanks! I actually tried the Ocarina, but didn't like its attack. So I used an edited sine wave. Thanks anyway!
I think this is my score with the most favourites! The first time I reached 20. Uuuum can I have more please?
It's the default soundfont, the GeneralUser soundfont (with the sine wave edited to have softer attack), and I think I used the Nice Keys Steinway soundfont.
Measure 1-21 reminds me of the DBZ opening 1
This is so accurate! Great instrument choice! If anything, I'd say to put this in no key signature (atonal) because Mario Kart songs have so many key changes. (To make it easier to read)
Thanks! Hmm... I dunno. I'll ask my brother sometime. He would probably know better than I.
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