Guess the Song! (DaKook Edition)

Uploaded on Sep 21, 2017

Guess the Song, DaKook Edition is now complete. Ready for a second edition?

So... I noticed this has become a "thing". The original idea came from PIEridot, and apparently, Russian__Bear made it a trend. I've seen one from at least three other people, so... here's my edition!

Credits: Most songs transcribed by me (DaKook) by ear. For one song, however, I referred to a sheet on gamemusicthemes.com. As I said already, the original was from PIEridot.

9/21/17: 20 songs!
9/22/17: 25 songs!
9/23/17: 37 songs!
9/24/17: 45 songs!
9/25/17: 48 songs!
9/26/17: 52 songs!
11/2/17: 54 songs!
1/30/18: 60 songs!
4/16/18: 69 songs!
7/23/18: 78 songs!
3/30/18: 79 songs!
8/4/18: 84 songs!
8/9/18: 90 songs!
8/22/18: 92 songs!
8/31/18: 100 songs!


1: Quest 64: Staff Roll
2: Mother 3: Natural Killer Cyborg
3: Sonic Forces: Fist Bump
4: Memoria: Dearly Beloved
5: New Super Mario Bros. Wii: Castle
6: Sonic the Fighters: Come on, Mr. Sonic (Mushroom Hill)
7: Donkey Kong Country 3: Bonus Time
8: Bloons Tower Defense 4: Main Menu
9: WarioWare Smooth Moves: Tomorrow Hill
10: Final Fantasy IV: Victory Fanfare
11: Sonic Triple Trouble: Sunset Park Zone 3
12: Ratchet and Clank (PS4): Title Theme
13: Super Mario RPG: Happy Parade, Delightful Parade
14: Super Mario Land 2: Boss Theme
15: Bryant Oden: The Duck Song
16: Genso Suikoden V: Overcoming the Grief
17: Phantasmagoria of Flower View: White Flag of Usa Shrine
18: Kirby AirRide: Magma Flows
19: RC Revenge Pro: Neutral Menu
20: Pokémon Gold/Silver: The End
21: Wario Land 3: Above the Clouds (Day)
22: Bloons Tower Defense 5: Bloon Henge/Railroad Track
23: Sonic 2 (8-bit): Underground Zone
24: Bejeweled 3: Lightning Mode
25: Dragon Quest III: Town Theme
26: Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword: Zelda's Lullaby
27: Mario Party 2: In the Pipe
28: DaKook: Ghastly Showdown
29: Imagine Dragons: Demons
30: Minecraft: Cat
31: Heiankyo Alien: Stage Theme 1
32: Platform Racing 2: Crying Soul
33: Mario Party 5: Start of the Dream
34: Sonic Colors: Yacker's Goodbye
35: Pokémon Black/White: Elite Four Battle
36: Chrono Trigger: To Far Away Times
37: Tetris: Type C
38: Sonic 3 (PC): Launch Base Zone Act 1
39: Sonic 3D Blast (Saturn): Final Fight
40: Mario & Luigi Partners in Time: Final Boss
41: Sonic Generations 3DS: Collection Room
42: Megaman ZX Advent: Twisted Vine (Tower of Verdure)
43: OnePlus: Default Ringtone
44: Super Mario Sunshine: Deep Sea of Mare
45: Captain Toad Treasure Tracker: Main Theme
46: Super Paper Mario: Pure Heart Get
47: Banjo-Kazooie: Pause Screen
48: ??? (Wii, from an indie game)
49: Sonic Mania: Dimension Heist
50: Yogcast: Diggy Diggy Hole
51: Scott Joplin: The Entertainer
52: Angry Birds: Main Theme
53: Discord: Incoming Call
54: Bomberman Land (Wii): Minigame 10
55: Super Mario 64: Hazy Maze Cave
56: Super Mario Galaxy: Gusty Garden
57: Mario Kart Wii: Rainbow Road
58: Sonic Run: Mount Freeze Zone 2
59: Mario Super Sluggers: Home Run!
60: The Legend of Zelda: Opening Chest
61: ??? (Not from a game, It's been a looooooo-oo-ooooong, a long time in coming...)
62: Super Mario Land: Easton Kingdom
63: Sonic Forces: Vs. Death Egg Robot (Phase 3)
64: The Truman Show: It's a Life
65: Super Mario World: Bonus Clear
66: F-Zero: Mute City
67: Sonic Heroes: Casino Park
68: Bejeweled Stars: Meow Fanfare
69: Kevvviiinnn: The Devourer's Wrath
70: ??? (An unused song from a PC game)
71: Bloons Super Monkey 2: Deep Bloon Sea
72: ??? (PC)
73: Sonic Rush Adventure: Cutscene - Deep Core Clear
74: Sonic Generations: Perfect Chaos, Phase 2
75: Super Mario Sunshine: Vs. Bowser
76: Sonic 2: 2 Player Results
77: Sonic Unleashed: Vs. Perfect Dark Gaia
78: Terranigma: Revival of Birds
79: WarioWare Touched: Ashley's Theme
80: Cuphead: Porkrind's Shop
81: ??? (PC)
82: Sonic Mania: Ruby Illusions
83: ??? (This song is really cool)
84: Super Smash Bros. Brawl: Tetris Theme A
85: Sonic Lost World: Dragon Dance
86: Pokémon Crystal: Vs. Legendary Beast
87: Super Mario Bros. 3: Underwater
88: Carf Darko: Phase Shift
89: Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine: Danger
90: ??? (Game Boy)
91: ??? (Arcade, this game is apparently abandonware)
92: Crush 40: Sonic Boom
93: Donkey Kong 64: Banana Fairy Island
94: Castlevania 3: Mad Castle
95: Super Mario Odyssey: Taking a Breath by the Poolside
96: Mega Man 3: Wily Stages 1-2
97: Super Mario Galaxy: Gateway Galaxy
98: ??? (PC)
99: Boktai - The Sun is in your Hand: Fate
100: Breath of the Wild: Game Over, You are Dead

Guessing Game DaKook

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Duration 21:53
Measures 605
Key signature 2 sharps
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Song 91 also sounds like an Undertale song
I should listen to some Undertale, I guess. None of these songs are Undertale.
Song 83 sounds like the death by glamour.
Lots of people are saying that... yet it's not Death by Glamour.
is 98 from an rpg. It just sounds like a rpg battle theme
it is from some touhou game though i am not sure which one
Is 81 "team building" from Inside Out?
Nope. It's from a video game (not that this helps, but I was just playing it).
Is song 72 from the PC game 'Unravel'?
Nope. It is a game that I've never heard of, so it might be some obscure game that nobody knows.
It's actually pretty famous.
Oh. What I meant is that the game this song is actually from may be obscure.
(oh jeez i made an account just to say this i hope its right) Im 90% sure #83 is Checker Dance- deltarune- Toby Fox. I know you said no Undertale, but this isn't technically Undertale so... I dont know when this was last updated, either. So this might have been finished before deltarune came out but its worth a try. Also, if this isnt right, could you possibly give us another hint on #83? (Edit) HOLD UP. IS #83 "THEME OF REALLY COOL BIRD"?
Yes, 83 is Theme of Really Cool Bird. You are correct, your creating of that account has been worthwhile!
Heck yeah! Also, as a side note. I wanna say that this is a cool idea, and that you arrange these songs really well! Have a nice day!
I have to say, this wasn't originally my idea, but I agree, and I'm working on a second edition. Thanks! I usually don't spend a lot of time on each song, but for song 94 (which is 2 measures), I spent much more time on.
Number 94 definitely sounds like Mad Forest from Castlevania III
Song 99 is Fate from Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand
is 48 apart of rayman legends? just a guess
No. I haven't heard of Rayman Legends.
91 sounds like something from metal gear solid, although i have never played metal gear solid so i wouldn't know.
Nope, not from Metal Gear Solid.
is 83 death by glamour from undertale, by toby fox?
No, unfortunately, there was no undertale for this edition. Maybe there'll be undertale in the second edition, but maybe not.
Number 70 sounds exactly like the intro to Emerald Coast from Sonic Adventure 1 Also is number 83 the one in Undertale where you fight Mettaton?
Well, number 70 is from a Sonic game, but not Sonic Adventure. There is no undertale in this edition.
12 is the Ratchet & Clank PS4 Theme Song
please don't tell me 98 is U.N Owen was her
didn't expect that response lol ... is it?
Nope. It is, however, from some Touhou.
Is 72 a song from the kingdom hearts franchise?
Nope. I know it sounds like Dearly Beloved, but actually, it's not.
Thanks to MuseScore's new push notifications, I got the comment immediately. =D
I'm discovering this, one year after (and this is such a cool idea !) but is it the 12th from Dragon Age Inquisition (opening/main theme) ? And 83th from Undertale (I should look to have the right title but can't say right now) ?
I can hear the resemblance for #12, but no, it's from Ratchet & Clank. Somebody guessed the "Heroic pose" scene, but I don't know if that's the same song. As for 83, I don't think it's from any game. I'd be really surprised if it was.
Can you please give a hint for number 12 please?
I think someone might have gotten it, but I can't confirm because I can't find the scene that was guessed. It sounds like it might be the same song, but I don't know...
Yes, but can you be more specific? Like, do you know the name of this song, or at least, when it plays?