So this is a song made out of a theme I heard in my dream... (Completed, I think; but I might still need a title)

Uploaded on Jul 3, 2015

Yeah. Read the title. But I don't remember much of the dream except that a girl, with golden hair that went down to her waist, was playing the first theme on a piano. So I woke up to an alarm, and wrote it in before I forgot it (which I did) and then I added more! So, yeah...

Golden long hair girl Beautiful don't remember her name or who she was or what she looked like except for the pretty golden hair shore do wonder who she was dreams are awsome agreed? I don't dream very often or if I do I forget Arrrrrrggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pages 2
Duration 03:03
Measures 46
Key signature 1 sharp
Parts 1
Part names Piano
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License None (All rights reserved)
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Amazing Stuff here! You must have great imagination!
Your story of this composition made me think of two compositions right away. Debussy's "the girl with the flaxen hair", and Tartini's Devils Trill. Tartini also wrote that piece based on a half forgotten dream. Your piece is complete different from the two I've mentioned though
i saw your song since the beginning on odogy! i listen to it on the daily. Great stuff.
Awesome! Thanks a lot, Fellow! Means a lot to me that it means a lot to you!
So beautiful! I love songs about dreams they're amazing!
Check out Tartini's Devil's Trill and the story of it's composition
Awesome! That would be neat to get an idea from a dream. (By the way, this sounds super professional.
Wow really? I thought it was just average for a cruddy composer like me.... thanks! =)

Yeah it was definately different. And it hasn't happened since.
"Alarms are very alarming"

I never would've guessed. :P

Great work.
I love your music! Might I suggest 'Forgotten Dreams' (partly of your forgotten dream, and because it sounds like the ending of something, like something is forgotten)?
Hey, sorry I took so long in responding...

Super! I'm glad you like my music! That is a pretty good name!
Might I suggest, "The Musician of The Night?" Seems appropriate, for the song, and for how it came to be.
Cool! A really good name! Thanks a lot!
XD You're welcome! Appreciation is really nice a lot of times.... Especially when you don't get very often or generous doses of it, so depending on your life situations, appreciation just might be a lot of what you need.....

EDIT: you can just ignore that, I'm in a type of philosophical mode.... :P this happens sometimes.... XD
I appreciate your appreciation of my appreciation of your appreciation -- Wait. Did I miss one? Or did I put too many? Welp, my brain's fried.
XD Nope, I think you got it right.... *counts to make sure* yeah, I think so.... idk, it's kinda confusing.... But that's why it's fun! Confusing things can be really fun sometimes.
here's a good title...

"a pet named steve"
hmm.... I'm curious how you came up with that name? :)
Can I use this as a Creepypasta character theme please?
Very beautiful... Very moving... I heard it and my heart imploded. Thank you for putting this up!
Wow! Thanks! And you're very welcome!
You made one of my wishes come true
Can you please let me transform it into a violin PLEAZE?
and i have an idea: the cherry tree
BTW song is creepier then o taught
Yeah, go ahead! with attribution of course... and how did I make your wish come true? I'm curious!
And idea for what?
and what do you mean: song is creepier than you thought?
Idea for name and i always wanted to transcribe a song from my dream and you did that
"i always wanted to transcribe a song from my dream and you did that"
^That's the creepy part, or the wish come true part?
oh, super!
I'm curious what was creepy though....?
oh nothing i was just VERY tired (and sorry for the very late reply)
I love this song and yeah, I've heard many songs in my dreams. I'll start to write it done and give it a name like you did.
Super! I'd like to hear them!
My only problem is forgetting the dreams before/just after I wake up... :P Only once in a while will I remember one; but I really like remembering them! :P
and also, I don't know much about piano, so what are the bar/bracket-like things under the whole song?
Those are pedal markings that make the piano echo. I use it to enhance the sound. When they have the little point upwards, that's when you let the pedal up. It sounds best when you let the pedal up and down for each cord change!
thanks for the info! I played around with them!
You're welcome! It really improves the sound, imho....
For a title idea. Its a pretty sad song and in the dream you were separated from the girl in your dream suddenly (the alarm).
Yeah! I guess it was pretty sudden... I didn't think of that! Thanks!
In your dream ?! F*ck, that's awesome :o
Please watch your language. But thanks!
Oh sorry. English is not my mother tongue so I don't know what is really shocking and what isn't :( ...
Oh, okay. Well, that's a pretty bad swear word over here.... Anyway! Thanks for the feedback!