H e y G u y s Y o u A l l L o v e G u e s s T h e S o n g C h a l l e n g e s R i g h t ? ! (NINTENDO EDITION) (NOT CLICKBAIT!!!!)

Uploaded on Sep 24, 2017

im done with life
guess in the comments below
1: Valley of Repose (Pikmin 2):
King Gordo
5: Ocean Theme (Terraria): NITROGEN
6: September by Earth, Wind, and Fire:
are there 7?
i guess the numbers of guesses is a guess too
i tried to actually give you enough of the song that you can actually formulate a good guess
n i n t e n d o s o n g s o n l y n o n o n n i n t e n d o g u e s s e s o r i l l k i c k y o u o f f o f m y w h o l e s o m e c h r i s t i a n m i n e c r a f t s e r v e r

Nintendo only Piano solo Video game guess the song challenge what have i done

Pages 2
Duration 02:29
Measures 62
Key signature 4 flats
Parts 1
Part names Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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Random guess. Is there any Pokemon themes in this? Consider that my only guess. .-. I thought this'd be easier.
7 I think is September by Earth Wind and Fire?
Already guessed, many, many times. It's 6, not 7.
7 sounds like that gay song by a great big world
5 (at least, I think that’s 5) sounds so familiar. Something about it just screams Terraria to me. Maybe the ocean biome’s music? The one right after that (I guess it's 6) is September by Earth, Wind, and Fire.
1. Hey, Valley of Repose from Pikmin 2! 2. and Perplexing Pool! 3. AND Awakening Wood! 4. AAAAND Wistful Wilds!!! All them Pikmin 2 songs...
I'm just approving of this nice and zesty sarcasm
Plot twist: none of them are Nintendo songs.
One of them sounded like The Ocean theme from Terraria (Please do some Terraria I beg plz)
danget man i was about to post that. so far thats the only one i recognized
I know when I hear my favorite game :]
Ocean theme is pretty fantastic. I may end up doing something more full with it, but I've said that many times about many different songs.
Well, I hope Terraria or Starbound will be somewhere in the future.
THEY ARE ALL LAZY TOWN SONGS! or at least the second one is (the cake song thing?)
Well could you give me a hint an what it is? (btw, i was close)
Yep. I've never even seen the movie or heard the soundtrack, so that's an impossibility.
i might make my own Guess the song challenge. If i make it, Will you participate?
Why not. Maybe don't pick songs as obscure as I did if you want other people to care
1: A Nintendo song 2: A Nintendo song 3: A Nintendo song 4: A Nintendo song 5: A Nintendo song 6: A Nintendo song 7: A Nintendo song
I mean, you're not wrong in a sense the Charles Stiles is a DANKM3M3R
That doesn't sound like the title of a N i n t e n d o song to me.
Uhhhh, there is no possible way that #6 could be a N i n t e n d o song because they would have been sued for copyright infringement XD
Who are you and what have you done with my favorite game show host and television personality Steve Harvey?