Megalovania for Violin

Uploaded on Feb 21, 2016

Fun fact, this is my most viewed arrangement. I guess Megalovania is a pretty popular song. Good thing I did it right, I suppose.

Now stop wasting your time here and listen to the original:

Undertale Megalovania Solo Violin Overrated Undertale Songs

Pages 2
Duration 02:08
Measures 57
Key signature 7 sharps
Parts 1
Part names Violin
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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It's 8:40 in the morning, and I have already received 20+ notifications
none..? i was saying it like "oof man, i understand"
I meant like "how the hell do I get this many notifs in such a short amount of time. Also because I'm OCD and it forced my too look at every single one of them." So, that wasn't exactly a pleasant experience, and the god thing was a joke about how bad it was.
hi there storyswap chara (i think... that chara takes Pap's place)
Rick Astley. My meme arch nemesis.
Great arrangement tho

(ok jk about him being my arch nemesis. now we need some flex tape memes... I'm thinking spider dance sheet music with a custom audio of the flex tape commercial. It could be the new rick roll)
*out of nowhere*
Steven: COOKIE CAT!!
Me: tf -._-.
Steven: Awe man, I'll go now... *leaves*
Me: `._-.
Steven: *runs back* So THAT's why I couldn't find Amethyst or the others!
Me: I'ma find a way to make a portal to Steven's Universe. Or a way to call the Gems...
Do you think Gaster or sans can help? Or maybe absolute god of hyperdeath asriel? We could get some timeline that is in that sequence right now and get him to make a portal
Steven: *blank face* Wot chu talkin bout?
Me: Mm, i'm not thinking of that. I could call Maverick, but right now our best bet is to call the Gems.
Hmm... maybe... but Gaster and sans knows about AUs and timelines, so...? Also asriel can literally do anything.
Steven, this is Undertale. This is not your universe. These are people we know. You shouldn't know them and it's probably not worth it to explain
Steven: Oki doki, I'ma just call Peri then.
Me: Maybe ink or Delta... Most likely Dream actually. He can create a portal to anywhere with positive feelings.
Steven: *talking about video games*
Me: ...yeah, why?
huh, but how do we contact him?
Gaster or sans might be able to help us there
edit: oh no the thread ended. noooooooooo
Me: Pfft nah. I just do this. INKKK!!!!
(No it didn't)
Also, why did you think that Ink would be able to hear you?
lmao ok
but seriously the next version of rickroll may be upon us