Uploaded on Jul 24, 2016

Man, what a title. And those tags....... This is my half of our entire OST for cello.

Here's fgfgfg's half: https://musescore.com/user/9507811/scores/2421966

Cello Solo Cello Solo Once Upon a Time Start Menu Your Best Friend Ruins Fallen Down Uwa!! So Temperate Anticipation Unnecessary Tension Enemy Approaching Ghost Fight Determination Home Heartache sans. Nyeh Heh Heh! Snowy Uwa!! So Holiday Dogbass

Pages 60
Duration 01:16:51
Measures 2086
Key signature 4 flats
Parts 1
Part names Cello
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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Hey Charles, any news on getting the first part for this?
Ok so I have a little favor I need I mean if you want to I need bonetrousle notes but the catch is it needs to be for an entire orchestra so Violin Viola Cello And Bass I understand it would be a lot of work but i would a appreciate it if you did do it thank you
Do you still have the first part to this? or does anybody have it?
So is there no longer any way to have access to see the part one? If not that would really be sad unless someone had downloaded it beforehand.
I could get the file off of him and upload it myself, if you'd like.
I'm gonna guess that you weren't able to get contact. And if that is the case then so be it. Thank you.
Oh I just forgot to. I talk with him all the time. I'll do that next time he's online. Thanks for reminding me!
Hi, were you able to get his part of the score? I couldn't find it when I was searching for it.
I remembered to ask him, then he said he'd give it to me and forgot. I'll get on this SOMEDAY I swear, thanks for getting it back in my head
What happened to all of fgfgfg's parts? the link broke
Oh they got deleted, he removed his pro account and left musescore. Sorry
Thank you so much for making these Undertale stuff. It's so hard to find good cello copies for Undertale.
either my thing is glitching, or this is 25 hours long. I think it's glitching.
Would it be possible to do what fgfgfg did for his half, like the endings to the pieces when there are multiple pieces? (Do you know what I mean?)
I have no clue what you are talking abour
I mean, I do too, just next to the tempo marking.
They mean having page breaks between variations.
I'm aware, and I COULD, but I don't like the awkward pauses in between each song.
Can you make separate pieces of the ones that aren't already? This file is too big for my computer to download in one huge medley. I enjoy playing your undertale cello solos btw.
Thank you!
And I could.
If I wanted to upload 94 scores all in rapid succession, all of which would get almost no views or attention at all.
You don't have to download all of them separate! I mostly refer to the themes like Death by Glamour, Song that Might Play When You Fight Sans, or Your best nightmare. You really don't have to do this for me, but I would love it. Sorry.
Oh, I see.
You want me to upload all the POPULAR themes.
Yeah, I can do that.
Over time.
htrrrwtrrtytyyyyrrttyyyyyyutttyt with the worst real Teutonich
Amazing can i use this as my live stream backround?
Thanks! I like how you get back to things like this
Yeah, I try to be as fast as possible for everything Musescore. Because it annoys me when accounts are dead.
Can you please put timestamps on this so I know when different parts start:)
That kind of sounds like an incredibly un-fun activity. In fact, it almost sounds like a terrible activity. Maybe sometime though.
Ok this was really good. But I made the mistake of listening to the whole thing in one sitting and now I'm feeling really "cello" if you know what I mean.

How. in. the. world. did. you. do. this...
How long did it take?
I couldn't do that. In the first day I would get distracted and never come back to it.
I think in Amalgam you missed a repeat at the 5th measure, you put one, but there needs to be another for the beginning.. I think thats it for the help. Impressive work on Fallen down Reprise! (I'm gonna be posting a helpful comment, so deal with it..) Also you can make some octaves on An ending lower, its a bit to much.. I did with disbelief, some parts in the actual song were way to high... Also, I noticed a measure or 2 were completely gone in Finale.... measure 1039 is where it is.. I emailed you a better version of shes playing piano. You got some notes wrong. Thats all I noticed. Good luck on all Dont give up to good night!