TheFatRat (ft. Laura Brehm) - Monody

Uploaded on Feb 14, 2016

Another piano arrangement of a song by TheFatRat... Monody!

Monody Piano Sheet TheFatRat Arrangement EDM The Fat Rat Laura Brehm

Pages 3
Duration 02:32
Measures 52
Key signature 4 sharps
Parts 1
Part names Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License Attribution, non-commercial, share alike
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Have you written more of these types of songs?
I love iiiiiiittttt!
These are very good!
Nice job!
Yeah, last time i am really into TheFatRat. I even play Xenogenesis and Unity!
Nice job tough!
good job desion! for the first 10-15 so measures... ok... but towards the main theme was AWESOME SAUCE! great job!
can you make so that it starts on A? Will make it much easier
I THOUGHT I liked the version of this song on Rolling Sky..... now i can't even!
I find measure 20/52 at page 1 is really difficult. It's so fast...
it gets easier with a LOT of practice. ive based a lot of my compositions on this piece
this was such a fun song to play thank you so much!!!!!!!!
The last part is not in four four
NICE tho
Ok maybe there is a better version
your missing a part
I learned this preety quick and im 9 im high intermedeate
At first I was like "meh" but as soon as it hit measure 20 I was hooked........LOVE Monody, awesome arrangement!
This song won me $25 in a competition! Thanks so much!!
bars 28 - 35 are very confusing i cant tell where beat 2 is
è fatta benissimo
(it's Italian)
noone cares i learned it too & im just as young as you don't mean to hate though.
Cool but 115% is better than original
You arrangement is difficult, but ina fun way! I’m creating my own arrangement of this song, only much simpler. It’s for one of my friends who isn’t so advanced. Your piece was what inspired me to create my first arrangement!
Desion, the notes coming out when I hit play are different from your score. I've tested repeatedly. I get D, D, F, G when you have C (sharp) C (sharp) E F(sharp) why is this?
Also, measure 4-8 are the same thing, the notes coming from my cp when I hit play are different from the notes on the score. I'll have to run through it a bit to be exact with the differences, but I'm wondering why when I play the score it sounds wierd.
i wanted did but it was so confused.but it is good.thanks
Amazing, and it's easily playable! Thx!
great but at the last it miss a part