FJD Cold Island

Uploaded on Jul 17, 2017

#MakeFJDGlobal or something.

Should I add more monsters like Tweedle, Dipsters ect.?

19/7/17 I added Dj_Sikbeatz108's Neptuba and Urangutan. Oh, and Potbelly.

21/7/17 I added Dipsters and Congle and changed Potbelly.
Added Dj_Sikbeatz108's Gapper, Eskamo and Arrollanche.

22/7/17 Added Dj_Sikbeatz108's Matriosh and Owlhoo.

2/9/17 Added Sneyser for Gavin Krolczyk and fixed the tempo and Matriosh.

Furcorn's Jelly Dreams FJD #MakeFJDGlobal Cold Island Furcon's Jelly Dreams Cold Island Dj_Sikbeatz108

Pages 8
Duration 02:14
Measures 28
Key signature 5 sharps
Parts 14
Part names Bass(2), Brass Ensemble(2), Piano(2), Other Woodwinds, Percussion(3), Tuba, Voice(2), Violin
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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He might need to add a new part. That's what i'd do.
Thanks! What's the fan-island going to be?
Way better than STRYMES' version, probably. Is it going to have fanmade monsters?
Yay! Do you think i could recommend a monster?
Sure! I kind of need melody monsters.
And could you post it now so i could see progress step by step and help you?
Grotto. It will be in my island coming out, Sikbeatz island (a compilation of monsters that will stay true to my name). Here's a little concept of what it looks like: A little gnome that has black clothing, with a scraggly beard and hair identical to it. So here's a little sketch musicwise, it makes a bellowing noise like my Tregiant for one of the first parts, then in one of the ending parts, it makes rhythmic vocal noises like Barrb/Flowah. And Another one i'd really like to see is Another one on Sikbeatz Island, Gazzmax (basically, gas mask). Use it like an uneasy choir. Btw, recommendation! See Incredibox for monster ideas.
So are you going to post what you have so far?
btw, here's my incredibox mix... http://www.incredibox.com/mix/59AB1AE378184-V3
So do you now have all the time in the world?
Hey dude! How's the fan island going? Stuck on something? Need help?
Uh, I'm on holiday for two weeks :\
I kinda won't be able to post scores or work on them :/
Well, since I can't do anything for you, could you do something for me? I need monsters for this island i'm creating (Gear Island), And the elements are Mech, Plasma, Brick, and Spring. Used combinations: All 1-elements, Brick-Plasma, Spring-Mech, Spring-Plasma, and Plasma-Mech-Brick. I need monsters for this. And i sorta need a whole bunch of monsters. And FYI, brick can sort of be used as a stone-like element. Usable monster combinations: Brick-Spring, Mech-Plasma (not Nebulob), Brick-Mech, Brick-Plasma-Spring, Mech-Spring-Plasma, Spring-Mech-Brick, and Plasma-Mech-Brick-Spring. Please help!
Brick-mech: a golem looking thing that makes a deep vocal sound for transitions.
Mech-plasma: a humanoid robot with gooey plasma dripping out out of its cracks and crevices, makes beeping noises.
Brick-plasma-spring: a oval shaped rock with a mouth that it bites down with to make a drum sound.
Mech-spring-plasma: a large green plasma monster that has nuts and bolts floating inside of it, makes a nebulob-like sound.
And i think for the Brick-Plasma-Spring monster, i think you were thinking of my Meetiyore, huh?
Yeah, the brick-mech thing..... i already have something like that. But i'll consider the other ideas.
Oh, and sorry i haven't asked, but when is your holiday over? (At least give a relative date)
I'm back around the 18th this month.
Huh. A day after i get into my freshman year.
Got any other monsters i could do? I'm really looking for a brass monster, and some other stuff. And please give names. (btw, i ran out of 3-elements and i now need 3 2-elements, and a 4 element monster. And i dont need any more percussion.)
I'm so stupid I forgot to do names.
Nonononononononono! You're not stupid! You actually gave me ideas for names. The Brick-Spring-Plasma monster you recommended i named Quartzircon, and the Plasma-Mech-Spring monster i named Goobolt. You at least gave me names i could choose!
Personally I think the snare sounds better.
And i noticed how you changed Deedge to Power 2.