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Uploaded on Aug 23, 2013

This is the very raw copy of my song, "Believe." I am going to use MuseScore to port this over as a midi file into more sophisticated software and go from there, but I'm pretty proud of this as it is. It's my first time actually notating percussion, and it came out a lot better than I'd imagined. I did essentially no sound leveling or anything since I'm going to make it my "real" recording later.

"Believe" was inspired by a character I made, Piper Quinn, who is a mage in a White Wolf RPG that my husband is the game master for. In this world, she's spent years underground hiding from the Technocracy. When the game started, she had nightmares all the time and was pretty paranoid. But, then she met someone special who changed her life. She's actually a musician as well in the game (I created her as the person I wished I could be, and now am becoming... well, except for the "mage" part. * sniffle *), so at one point I thought, "She should compose a song. Duh. She's a singer and that's her dream." At first, I started off just with the poetry, which of course became the lyrics . . . and then I started hearing the song in my head.

There's more to it than that, but I promised all of the real background stuff would go to my patrons on patreon.com. So, I must keep that promise. I hope you enjoy what this is now and will wait to see its inevitable evolution into something even more beautiful. =^--^=

Edit: 8/24/13: My friend pointed out that the violin part wasn't playable in some sections, so I have updated it. Might be more challenging now, but it *should* be playable, in theory. :o

Edit: 10/4/13: Made some modifications to tempo and to the bridge.

Believe DreamSenshi

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Duration 04:16
Measures 178
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You have real talent, that's no doubt, DreamSenshi. I agree with Mackydee on one thing, the ending is a bit abrupt. But other than that, the song is truly amazing! Much beyond my ability, for sure. If you want to check out my profiles, (I have two :D) here are the links:

(The New Profile) Phizrotythe the Beautiful Mustache: http://lsurl.me/13XDH

(The Old Profile [and possibly the better]) ByteSizedPhizrotythe: http://lsurl.me/13XDG
Thank you! I'm learning production/recording equipment/working alone on a budget, so it's taking me time, but always working on it. I'll put out a response once I have something more "official" out there. :) Thanks for sharing your links with me and critique, too. =^--^=
Your welcome, you're always welcome to give your thoughts on my scores as well. :D
Superb! The only problem that I have with it is the ending. It might just be me, but I find it very sharp and sudden for the genre of music that you have produced. If I were you, I would have made the guitar solo at the end longer, giving you the time to gradually end the song to keep the romantic effect going, even after the song has ended.
Apart form that, it's a great song and I highly recommend that you look into getting it professionally recorded and put on iTunes and other similar music distributors.
Thanks! Sorry for taking so long to respond. The ending makes sense with the visual in my head, but I'm constantly toying with it (as well as other harmonies in the song). I've been learning production (I don't really have any musician friends nearby to jam with who are interested in the same styles of music as me), and it is my eventual goal to get all of my songs out there as soon as I can sort out recording on my budget. Slowly but surely! :) I appreciate the encouragement and critique.
So let me just say, amazing work - I love this :) And the backstory behind it makes it all the more beautiful.. I love it.
Thanks! Sorry for the delayed response. Hopefully, someday I will save up enough money for the music software I'm trying to get so I can actually record my voice and all the things together the way I hear it in my head. Your comment means a lot! <3 :)