Marvel Medley

Uploaded on Apr 1, 2018

This is a Marvel Medley it has:

Captain America
Gaurdians of the galaxy
Spiderman Origanal
Spiderman Homecoming
Avengers Theme
Doctor Strange
Thor Dark World
Iron Man 3

0:00 - Captain America theme
0:49 - Guardians of the Galaxy
1:38 - Spider-Man Homecoming Suite
6:46 - Avengers Theme
8:22 - Doctor Strange Theme
10:20 - Thor The Dark World Theme
11:33 Iron Man 3

Spiderman Original and Spider-man Homecoming were arranged by: CWman304
Here’s a link to his- https://musescore.com/cwman304/spider-man-homecoming-full-score#comment-4896105

The Iron Man theme was by: Owlman142
Here’s a link to his- https://musescore.com/owlman142/iron-man-3-theme-for-trombone-choir#comment-4896106

I made this with out any soundfonts, so you will probably hear musescore's out of tune strings in there at a few points. If anyone does have any Really Good soundfonts they are willing to share, please personal message or comment!

Captain America Gaurdians of the galaxy Spiderman Origanal spiderman homecoming suite doctor strange black tears thor dark world theme iron man 3 marvel medley first avenger 1 2 DunedainElessar avengers age of infinity war song BUCKY BARNES IS THE BEST

Pages 27
Duration 15:14
Measures 529
Key signature 2 flats
Parts 58
Part names Flute(2), Clarinet(2), Alto Saxophone(2), Tenor Saxophone, Percussion(11), French Horn(4), English Horn, Trumpet(3), Trombone(2), Tuba(2), Piano, Strings(7), Cello, Guitar(3), Violin(3), Timpani, Bass, Harp, Viola, Contrabass(2), Voice(4), Baritone Saxophone(2), Oboe
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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I need a tip, so basically I'm working on a score with a tON of instruments, and I'm hard of seeing, is there any way to zoom in to scores to see them closer?
yeah, in the actual program right above the note values there is a percent bar, it looks like a box that should have the number 100% or something like that. You can type a smaller number to zoom out of a larger number to zoom in, or you can click the arrow and select a value. You can also use your mouse/tracker pad to pinch in and out.
guardians of the galaxy sent shivers up my back
Great job. this is the first good marvel medley I've found
Really Great Thank you! Would you be able to make a guitar solo version for these Marvel themes please? I play Guitar and love you work.
Thank You! Hmmmmm is that a DC PROFILE PICTURE I SEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD
oh and you are very welcome!!!! you deserve all the compliments you can get!!
well actually I thought it was doctor strange, but my computer is blurry (just a little) i think because of school policy and stuff. we aren't supposed to really be looking at fun stuff on school computers. So all that being said, it may or may not be doctor strange. idk.
Ooooh, now I see it. 😂 I understand the school computer thing completely, I thought it was a super man picture XD
Wow! Thank You! I would love to hear a recording if you have one!
Iron Man 3 needs some driving percussion to really get the right feel, but man this is good.
Yeah. BTW, said percussion is really hard to figure out. I tried to do an arrangement of it and for the life of me I couldn't figure it out.
Hell, I'll be damned if this isn't how the actual friggin' orchestras played them XD
when iron man 3 is actually a good movie because of this song
might wanna make vultures theme beginning a little slower... But damn this is amazing...
Wow! Can I have permission to use this as a piece in my orchestra ensemble?
Of course! I can move the parts around for specific instruments and give you the actual conductor's score (If you like) Otherwise please credit me!
Just wondering, how would one send the conductor's score? E-Mail perhaps? If so If u wouldn't mind I'd love it hahaha
Sure, I could would be happy to email you the score! I will see if I can get it done now but, it might have to wait until after the holidays.....
Thx soo much! How would you get my E-mail? Sorry just started using this, is it on my profile or something?
Did you disable personal messaging? The envelope icon is gone (this happens when you disable personal messaging in your settings)
Did anything change? The box is definitely ticked now!
Hmmmm, it must be an issue with my computer then..... Could you try to message me and i'll reply with the attachment of the score?.....
(So sorry for bothering you)
Umm, atm I can't find it, must be a problem with the actual MuseScore System, I don't mind typing out mu E-mail address if necessary bro?
Sure it'sno problem at all, your helping me remember, uumm, where would the envelope be btw hehe😓😅
Its at the top right of my profile page in that blue bar that has the follow button...... It should look like an envelope button
yeah, I'm gonna delete the comment..... (Internet safety)
Hahaha thx bro, didn't know you could do that, Appreciate it bro! 👍😁
Yea must be a problem with the system unfortunately bro 😢
Oh hahaha whoops srry bro! I'll try and get it sorted! Thx again!