Taeyang (눈,코,입) Eyes Nose Lips Violin 1

Uploaded on May 30, 2016

Melody of Taeyang's "Eyes Nose Lips"
Took me a few months to transpose this
If shifting is too hard then you can play it one octave lower which would be a whole lot easier. Cheers
This song does no belong to me (No Infringement intended), but the arrangement does.
Please credit me if you use my arrangement!

Taeyang Violin Eyes Nose Lips

Pages 2
Duration 03:43
Measures 67
Key signature natural
Parts 1
Part names Violin
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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Ill delete it when i finish my new song. my b.
This song is so good and pretty simple to play. Thank you for the lovely song!! 😊
And I love arranging songs by ear too
Nice job. Are you Korean cause I am and I love this song.
i always love your works. when i play it on my violin, it sounds amazingly accurate <3 . how do you make these music sheets? <3
I do most if not all my arrangements by ear. I can spend from around 2 to maybe 10 hours of sheet, even if it is just melodic because I try to make the most accurate sheet for people to play, and/or play along with a recording of the actual piece/song
that's amazing. i've tried to do it by ear, but it just too hard. how do you train to do it?
Honestly I never really trained at all. I do take a Music Theory class right now, but that hasn't really influenced any arrangements I do currently as I haven't done any in the last year or so. I first started with Bruno Mars songs to which I figured out because I had listened to them over and over again to the point where I was able to pluck the notes on a violin and gradually apply the memorized rhythm with the notes that I thought I heard and then relayed it with the actual recording. When I use to arrange a lot, as I said before, it would take about 2-10 hours because I wasn't as keen as putting it onto sheet as I could just play it on the violin. So I guess it was just a lot of guessing and figuring out how rhythms worked, then playing notes back and forth with a recording.
splendid. thank you for your kind explanation. I might as well try to sheet music by ear also. Keep up your excellent work :))
Good luck! It's a long process (hopefully not) but its really fun once you finish. I would recommend to heavily utilize the playback feature to make sure it sounds correct to you, otherwise you might be off like a beat or more and may have to re-do the incorrect parts which is super arduous once you get into a flow. I believe you'll be fine though, and send me a link once you're finished! -LD
Send me the final product! ;)
I was going to transpose this song for flute, until I realized that the flute and violin parts are the same. Thank you for this!!
No problem! Thanks for checking this out!