Banjo Kazooie!

Uploaded on Jun 11, 2019

Our favorite Rareware duo is in smash.

Can you believe it?

After a decade or so i think of this character being requested in smash, and with every single bit of E3 hype, they're in. God, i jumped out of my seat with my heart pounding like crazy whenever that puzzle piece floated by. Our Microsoft rep isnt Master Cheif, not Steve, not Cuphead (do not @ me about this); no no, it was good ol' Banjo and Kazooie!

So heres what i got analysis-wise looking at the trailer:
-jab is a gentlemans
-we see his tilts for a little bit, dtilt and ftilt
-bair is a 3-hit move like Ridley's fair
-fsmash is where Banjo throws kazooie down
-Eggs are the neut B
-not quite sure what the gold feathers are about but probably a chargable Project M wario Side B.
-Down B is the grenade (it spawns like diddy's banana)
-Up B is where they launch on the little pad
-Final Smash is where all the Jinjos attack the opponent.

I really hope you guys enjoy this situation, and this transcription very much!

Love yall!


Banjo Kazooie is in smash and that makes me so happy

Pages 9
Duration 01:03
Measures 39
Key signature natural
Parts 12
Part names Guitar, Brass Ensemble, Flute, Tenor Saxophone, Percussion(4), Violin, Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba
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