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Uploaded on Jul 10, 2019

So its that time of year. Going to the pool, the beach, the lake, however you spend it, its summer time!

And to celebrate this sunscreen-filled period of time, I'm holding something special!

As you all know, twice every year, i hold a Cuphead Pastiche competition. Once in the summer, and another in the winter. This is a very special occasion because your scores get featured onto my page for everyone to admire! So for this competition, your cuphead pastiche score will be summer-based. You can get creative with the boss idea and have art and gameplay ideas, but it wouldn't really matter since all you need is a general detail that ties your score together with the boss idea. The main 3 things that will determine what the winning score is is judged by these 3 factors:

-Cuphead Factor
-Summer Factor
-Overall Musical Factor

In order to get your score in best fit to Cuphead Factor, check out transcriptions of Cuphead Scores done by either me or Snavels (profile link: I will answer questions in the comment section if you need a bit of help, but dont bombard me with miniscule details and dont show me the score before you submit it. Speaking of submitting, once you're finished, Label the score title with "CPSC [opt. 2019]" (Cuphead Pastiche Summer Competition), and send it to this group here: . Once you have submitted your score, your submitted score is final, and I will download the mscz as soon as i come across it. Then when me and the judges have all the sumbitted scores, we will look over them and determine their placing. The results will be posted in video form on July 21st (A sunday!).

So get creative, get fancy, appeal to me and the judges in the best way possible!

Love y'all, peace!


Discord server:

Cuphead Summer Competition 2019 tags are(n't) for weenies

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Duration 00:45
Measures 36
Key signature natural
Parts 1
Part names Piano
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