At Sea with Captain Blackbeard

For Symphony Orchestra

Uploaded on Feb 4, 2017

YAY PIRATES! Currently in MCCHQ #6

This piece describes an adventure on a pirate ship, but I don't have a particular story in mind, so that's up to your imagination. :)

This score won the MuseScore Percussion Group Competition #3, as well as was a runner-up for the EPIC COMPOSER COMPETITION #6.

Chuck Norris Blackbeard bet you didn't know that they were the same but they are

Pages 20
Duration 02:33
Measures 147
Key signature natural
Parts 20
Part names Piccolo, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, French Horn(2), Trumpet, Tuba, Trombone, Timpani, Percussion(4), Strings(5)
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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I personally look to find something else in the nusic aside from the intended imagery that the compose has a provided and for some reason I could not unsee chariots charging across the battlefield in middle earth. But then again i was purposely ignoring the imagery of the piece so i might be delusion. Wonderful much tho
I like the cover, keep up with this style of artwork branding. The music is an absolutely amazing composition.
Thank you so much! I plan on keeping my covers professional, yet clickbaity. =D
Aptly named - can definitely hear the crashing of the waves (highly effective use of those cymbals)! Amazing percussion, definitely worthy of those competition wins you mentioned. This would be great in a movie soundtrack.

I didn't know Chuck Norris had anything to do with Blackbeard, though...
So sorry for the late reply! I am very grateful for your kind words, as always!
Maybe you should call the tempo at the start Allegro Vivo or Allegro Vivace because Italian tempo markings seem more professional. Very swashbuckly (is that actually an adjective?) sound that suits the title.
I could, you're right.

My composition teacher last year (who is like sixty something and has a doctorate) said that English directions and tempo are perfectly acceptable, so I don't think I need to change it. I thank you for the recommendation though. =)
How do you make it so real with the instruments? Do we have to have some profession for it? or sound-font?
The current audio I think is from Sibelius. Shostglass, another MuseScore use, made it for me.
I need a name.
Hey, Elliot, so I'm making my own pirate song, and I was wondering if I could use the same technique you used for the percussion. (Using Roto-Toms)
You don't need to ask! =D Go right ahead lol
Incredible! This was very worth the few minutes I spent listening! :)

How long did it take you to MAKE this
Not long when I actually started haha. I had the main theme for years before I actually did anything with it. =D
Your scores have yet to not amaze me, and this one might be my favorite of all of them! Bravo!
Thank you for the comment. I like to get better, and so I appreciate constructive criticism.

For the sake of future comments though, I would like to make some recommendations to you. Please do not mistake these for me losing my temper or anything, because I'm only saying this for your benefit. Since I have more experience on MuseScore as a community, I hope you'll listen to what I'm going to say.

1. Instead of saying "the percussion was a bit boring," you could say something like "I think the percussion could use some variance." It is more constructive and less demeaning if you say it that way.
2. when you criticize someone's work, go ahead and give an example as to what could be made better. For instance, you could *possibly* have said: "maybe add grace notes into the beat on the snare to make it sound more military-esque" or something like that.
3. The bit about attending a class on Bizet seems a little bit pretentious. You started the comment by complimenting the work and the composer, which is always the right thing to do (so good job for doing that :) ), but by the end of the comment, you switched to talking about yourself. It came across as bragging about your own experiences, and it seemed like you were trying to increase your stature by mentioning what must have been a cool class, but which is something that can seem condescending. I think that you should refrain from mentioning yourself, your experiences, and your music in future comments since it's someone else's music you're commenting on.

I recognize that you're young and that maybe people wouldn't treat a twelve-year-old composer with seriousness (although I certainly do), but mentioning your own experiences (even though it might provide you with more respect from the older MuseScorians) seems pretentious.

Overall, I recommend that you use comments to applaud the composer or provide criticism when asked for. Although you are a very promising composer and musician, you are still twelve years old. You have a lot to learn. *I* have a lot to learn yet and I'm twenty! I really admire your zeal for music and I wish I had the early musical training that you have had, but from my observations of your interactions on MuseScore, you act too uptight. Loosen up! =) We're all here to learn, and if we didn't have anything more to learn, there would be a serious problem!

I hope that my comment wasn't too candid for you. What I just said is some friendly advice from an experienced MuseScore user who has seen what users best respond to in a comment. Try reading as many Robin M. Butler comments as you can. He has mastered the art of commenting on people's scores, and he has become one of the most popular users on MuseScore because of it (and his music). People identify with down-to-earth kinds of people. Try to emulate that and you'll master the MuseScore community in no time. =)
I did not mean to attack you or be pretentious. I simply used the experience that I have gained from these lectures to help improve your score. I try to be as polite in my comments as possible however I am sorry you took offense to it. In terms of what could be made better, I think adding more interesting rhythms to the Crash Cymbals could make for a more dramatic piece. Having Timpani play on Downbeats and Bass drum on the upbeats makes a very Wagner feel which I would recommend. Next, the viola part seems a little bit difficult for a single voice. Consider making them Divici. For the Climax following mm121 I would think about giving the Violin 1s the Melody as well as it would make a more orchestral and grand feel to it as well as letting the melody be heard even more. Also, the Rhythm provided by the Roto-toms in the transitional part following mm70 can seem a little monotonous. I would suggest giving it added Timpani to make it more interesting. Also, I feel the Piccolo. Adler, in his book, referred to the Piccolo as a "Delicacy instrument" implying that it should only be used when the orchestra really is in a powerful moment and even then should not contribute directly to a melody. Finally, you write two notes at a time for almost all instruments during the climax at mm27. However, you do not notate for their two be 2 voices in your instrumentation. Just some friendly advice. I do try and act relatively formal when giving people advice because as you said: "most people would not take advice from a twelve-year-old".
I did not take offense or view it as an attack! Your advice tends to be good, and you're very right in your comments on this piece. The orchestration is not that great, and it was never intended to be performed.

Also, I apologize if I implied that your age makes you any less of a composer. You are a very knowledgeable person, and I admire that. However, I think you can mix smarts and personality in the same comment.

I hope my advice did not ruin our MuseScore 'friendship.' I never intended it to offend or anything.
Great score. Great sound! Well done.
Wonderful. Always enjoyed works from you and your brother. Heart/Fav (No 100) from me.
Hi Elliot! I was wondering if you would like to submit this piece to a project I'm working on? https://musescore.com/groups/musescore-composers/discuss/4991799 (There are other discussions in various groups)
Had issues with dropbox - this is an even better one.

This even sounds amazing without the video! (restricted for me lol)
Amazing job! I like the sudden melody change a lot!
I have made a note performer version of this here:
Oh my goodness!!!!!!!! that is soooo cool! Thank you sooooooooooo much!!!!!
This is going to be in a pirate movie one day. It sounds insanely good for something done on musescore.
It sounds amazing! I suggest that some of the 6/8 sections would be better in 3/4. Sometimes the music doesn't quite match up with the beat in those sections.
I understand what you're saying. The syncopation does kinda throw listeners for a loop, but I tried to maintain the steady triplets/duple meter underneath that syncopation, just so that the 3/4 doesn't dominate. Perhaps this piece has multiple meters, so who knows? Thank you for your kind comment. I appreciate you stopping by!
Furiants are often in 3/4 and 3/2 and the same time. Sometimes there is a 3/2 melody with 6/4 or 3/4 accompaniment and sometimes the melody switches between 3/2 and 3/4.
So you were able to upload a score and use generaluser as the default soundfont? How???