The Charge to Certain Death - UPDATE 8/9

For Symphony Orchestra

Uploaded on Jul 11, 2018


I would love some feedback and suggestions for the ending third of this piece. Please help! =D

Chuck Norris would be useful in making a charge that would lead to certain death because that man never dies

Pages 10
Duration 02:46
Measures 54
Key signature 1 flat
Parts 21
Part names Flute, Oboe, English Horn, Clarinet, Bassoon, French Horn(2), Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba, Timpani, Percussion(3), Piano, Strings(5), Sound effects
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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Audio stops at measure 31. I wish I could here the whole thing. I also wonder what is happening. I do not expect Musescore.com to be glitchless, and this is just another example.
I love it! The images that formed in my mind as I listened started with a determined march toward a dreaded battle, turning into a charge and clash (brilliant use of string texturing here) as the armies meet, focusing in on a fierce warrior fighting impossible odds, near death at the end, and then there's a major chord. So it's not finished, but you have to make the decision on whether this brave dude (Chuck, perhaps? How much do you really like him?) lives or dies. Perhaps reinforcing troops come into the music, and the hero rallies to a triumphant finale. Or perhaps he dies, with a plaintive requiem soaring above the undercurrent of a battle raging on. I think you're perfectly capable of taking it any musical direction you choose.
Again, thank you so much! I am super grateful for all of your kind words on everything! =D
Ahhhhh, Amazing! What soundfont do you use?
Something seems wrong with the Tam-tam.
Thank you! I use a mix of the General User and HQ Orchestral.
Ok, thanks. I have tried to use HQ but I can't find anything to convert it to an SF2 file from its SFArk. All the converters say it's too large....
Remind me to send the converted version to you when I'm on later. 😊
I do not know where to look, I checked private messages and dashboard.....
Wonderful start. Generally, you have some good moments (leading up to m. 36, for example), but those are seriously bogged down by the mundane harmonic structures forming the rest of the piece. I would challenge you to be more adventurous and to think about why you are writing (are you writing passive background music, or are you writing something that demands the listener's attention?). Also, think about the size of your gesture. Do these 2 1/2 minutes warrant triple forte and four full measures of silence at the end? Again, good work. I think your music could be more interesting if you wanted it to be.
Thank you for your candid review. I appreciate that you took the time to critique my work. The ending is incomplete, and I thus fixing that issue. =)

Thank you again for listening. I will keep your honest critiques in mind for future works. =)
so you asked for some refinement ideas. here are a couple (as if it were even possible to improve such as awesome piece): I hear the ominous march. maybe instead of a nice major chord in m50, a battle breaks out (could be between people, or against the weather, or some fatal disease, or between ants of different colonies, whatever.) this is no skirmish. it would need lots of trumpet and horn interaction with cymbals and timpani crashing about. the winds and strings would be providing the ground like the strings do in m23-30, but more chaotic as if the winds and strings were the smoke of the two sides in battle. somewhere a horn has to keep your thematic motif moving forward through the chaos toward... certain... death. I think you sort of do this already, i was just eager to hear more intensity and terror with trumpets screaming and lines of tenor drums with piercing fifes moving their lines of troops through the smoke of the battle as canon blast starting somewhere about m50. then of course the sudden death as if the king was pierced through in the battle, and the fight suddenly ends.

maybe followed up by a second movement of a heroic funeral march, slow and grand, (though it would be a true challenge to match Beethoven's Eroica or Purcell's Music for the Funeral of Queen Mary.)

just a couple of ideas
Some of the best musical battles are Wellington's Sieg and Das Heldenslacht (something like that) from Ein Heldenleben. Both follow your advice to a degree. Beethoven actually uses trumpets, drums and sound effects (bass drums and rachtets) in opposite sides of the orchestra that seen to battle.
:O You made the cool thing even cooler! :D I love the contrast between the third section and the beginning pieces of this. :) Personally, I think it would be really cool to add a sforzando onto that end D Major chord. This is really good though! I'm glad you decided to continue this piece :)
Thank you so much, Fia! I appreciate your feedback. I was considering doing that, but now I will definitely do it. Thanks for taking the time to listen to it!
Awesome! :D And no problem - it's always a pleasure to hear what you decide to create next :)
oh wow this is amazing! Like leopard gecko said this really could be in a movie great job
Whoa Great job! I can't see myself nearly as close in 5 year.
And it's kinda hilarious and unexpected that the "certain death" at the end is a bright D major (very Chuck Norris "triumphant over death") xD
Yeah, I realized that myself lol... Maybe they didn't actually die... ;)
This sounds really cool! Like it could be in a movie!
Wow! I've been listening to some of your pieces and they are astounding!! Composition always looked amazing to me, I hope one day I could know enough about music to compose at least some simple and short pieces. Yours are wonderful! So profesional.
Thank you so much! If you apply yourself, it shouldn't take long to get to where you're composing more than just simple pieces! I've only been at this for like five years, and for a couple of those years I stunk! =D It wouldn't take long, especially if you happen to have theory knowledge! I look forward to hearing originals from you! =)
only 5 years? That's a lot for 5 years! :D
Wow! In just 5 years you've achieved a lot! I'm trying to learn haromony and analysis right now. Thanks for the cheering! I'll apply myself!
Oh, this is cool! This sounds like something I would hear in a professional soundtrack. Well done!
Thank you very much! my thoughts are mixed on this particular piece to be honest. =D
Even to my untrained ears it sounds great! This is some serious film music stuff! I love it.
Thank you so much! I should really finish it lol! =D
Do you also use FL Studio? For some reason there aren't any tutorials online and I guess I just have to figure things out by myself. Nice work by the way, I was hoping it would be more haha
I do not... My brother does though! If you ask Robin M. Butler, he might be able to help! =)
Come on bro! Why not NobleEwe? Her music is amazing!
I am not disputing that or trying to imply that her music is not amazing. I think I explained my reasoning above. You should definitely check Brinsonian though. You'll see what I'm talking about when you take a listen. =)
Um sooo...confusion? Chuck Norris? I'm curious - why you always tag your pieces with him?
Read the rest of the tags. They make a sentence :)
I adore this , i think you did a fantastic job thank you thank you !!!!
Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!