The Proxima Incident

Uploaded on Jan 6, 2018

August 24th, 2016. A day that humanity wishes to forget. Old-Earth Astronomers announced the discovery of a rocky world orbiting inside the habitable zone of Proxima Centauri. Years of speculation turned to decades, and decades to centuries. On the 150th anniversary of Proxima B's discovery, humanity launched its first probe capable of traveling faster than light, an event that was widely celebrated by the Earth's population.

In two months, blurry images began to appear at the Earth's scientific station on Diana, a trans-Netpunian planet in the Solar System. Early reports showed a nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere, and the blurry pictures showed what looked like possible civilizations on the surface. The probe transmitted its last message immediately before an impact with a small asteroid.

A year later, a tactical ship equipped with state-of-the-art weapons and warp drive departed from the space dock on Diana, and set course for Proxima B.

A month later, the ship arrived at its destination. Scans confirmed the probe's earlier readings, but scans of the area revealed no sign of the probe. Detailed scans located a city with the diameter of Mercury, but further scans could not locate any life signs.

The crew decided to make an expedition, and they landed their ship in the center of the city.

Once they leave the ship, they find the city completely empty. The explorers fan out to gather some more readings, but one by one they disappear.


The fifteen explorers wake to find themselves in a dark room, surrounded by bipedal aliens the size of gorillas. They need to escape, but will they?

(This is a combined score of two previous compositions.)

Chuck Norris is an alien in disguise WHERE ELSE DOES HE GET HIS SUPERPOWERS

Pages 23
Duration 6:15
Measures 109
Key signature natural
Parts 20
Part names Piccolo
English Horn
French Horn (2)
Percussion (2)
Strings (5)
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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In reply to by mnmwert

It's more than that. If you listened all the way through, you would have recognized that it is a new piece entirely. The two parts are reuploads, yes, but since they were based on the same theme, the two of them put together create a very new piece that adds to the individual stories of the both of them. =)

i dont know wy i didn't see this before but this sounds great i like it, keep growing! :D

Would you believe i found this from the tags?
Cause i did, and im scared

Why can't school just not exist ;_; I want to be able to make amazing things like this....

My parents be like "no Pro until college apps are done". The sad part is I know they're right lol


Lol at first I thought the description was actually a thing people believed (until I got to the gorilla part. xD) I wondered why I had never heard of it! XD XD Awesome song!! 😁😁

Chuck Norris get's his superpowers from being a master Z Fighter more incredible than Guko. He has achieved the highest key possible, and that position is now named after him: Super-Sayain Norris. He is in fact not an alien. He spontaneously generated on earth from pure awesomeness.

I can imagine space in the first five measures. Nice way to use augmented and diminished chords.

Ah, I see you've made a song about me on the day before finals. *Reads Description* But I was sure you were trying to make it sound at around 2:23 like my parents were coming up the stairs to tell me to study...

Seriously though, great job! I love how the music goes so well with the story!

It seems that the sheet music and audio don't line up exactly. Is that just my computer? If not, I just wanted to notify you about it. :)