Trials and Tears

For Symphony Orchestra

Uploaded on Jan 2, 2017

I often forget about this score. It remains one of my more popular scores, and it has stuck with me through so many years of composing. I'm grateful for this score in a weird sentimental way. =D

Chuck Norris I uploaded this at 200 followers wow I've come so far

Pages 10
Duration 03:28
Measures 60
Key signature 1 sharp
Parts 17
Part names Flute, Oboe, English Horn, Piano(2), Bassoon, French Horn, Trumpet, Timpani, Percussion(2), Harp, Strings(5)
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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Wow! I’m highly impressed! You should definitely write for harp more often! You’re creative with using the harp without making the harp parts insane to play like some composers.
Hahaha! Thank you! I'm glad that I'm not completely failing! =D
How was I not following you yet? I love this score! The emotion in it is so beautiful.
Speaks to the soul.

And this is coming from a guy whose been binging Garet Cocker's Ori and the Blind Forest Suite.

You're pretty good.
I'm speechless . . . this is superb! You have an exceptional degree of talent!
General User by S. Christian Collins. It's available at the MuseScore soundfont list. If you google "MuseScore soundfonts," it should come up on the list.
What about it does not sound like general user? If it's the strings, all you have to do is make sure you're using stereo strings fast and not the standard solo string instruments... That's all I can think of that might make it sound different from what you're used to...
Nah, at first it didn't like it, but after listening to it again I hear it. Thanks for this great piece by the way.
Wow. . . this is amazing. English horn and oboe are my two favorite instruments and I loved their solos!
Your piece really explores the capabilities of Musescore. Very good.
This is a brilliant composition - and you are a brilliant composer. The simple beauty of the beginning drew me in immediately at measure one. You also have excellent use of dynamics (and everything, honestly) to show the figurative mountains and valleys involved in both trials and tears. I really enjoy your compositions! You're quite talented. :)
Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!
General User by S. Christian Collins. It's available at the MuseScore soundfont list. If you google "MuseScore soundfonts," it should come up on the list.
This is incredibly gorgeous! The harp and the clarinet sound really good together :)
How did you add this cover to the beginning, and before the score? Looks very sleek, loving these new cover art designs.
I'm soooooooo sorry! I didn't notice this comment until just now! :O

I used this awesome site called canva:


I used the Pinterest graphic, there are many to choose from. Have fun!
Woah, I only just noticed you've changed your cover art on these pieces - I really like the new design! What did you use to make it?
Thank you! I used canva:

Aha... I've never tried the social media graphics template before :)
perfect! However, it does seem like many meetings from lord of the rings with the harp. Nice!
Absolutely fantastical (pun intended?) ~~
How many tears did it take you to get through this trial? Considering it's absolutely amazing there had to be a large amount of effort put into it. I'm so sorry for the terrible "joke". XD
Lol =D Not many lol I don't really cry a lot, tho I feel like it a lot idk =D
0.0 1min 30 seconds TO DOWNLOAD OMG HOW BIG THIS THIS Xd NORMAL SONG TAKE 30 SEC! lol nice piece
Lol it's the picture in the beginning =D
how many versions are there. this is amazng, ive heard like 2 other ones by you, BUT THIS IS AMAZING OMG
Lol Thank you! There are only two versions... =D
how did you create the cover? it looks amazing!
Holy cow that's a lot of exclamation points lol

Thanks btw ;)