Undertale OST - Hopes and Dreams/Save the World

Uploaded on Jan 16, 2016

This is a modified version of this one here:

I didn't like how the part after 3:03 sounded like. I also changed some chords and rhythm.

Undertale Undertale OST Save the world Undertale Hopes and dream Undertale save the world hopes and dreams hopes and dream/save the world Undertale hopes and dream/save the world

Pages 8
Duration 04:46
Measures 162
Key signature 2 flats
Parts 1
Part names Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License Attribution, share alike
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This was amazing! That base dropped hard than my grades lol!
My god this is the best song that i have ever heard! Keep going and you'll do great! I know so!
This was arranged by Jeffrey Zhou, I just changed some chords and rhythms to make it sound better.
like there is literally
5/8 possible sharps
7 sharps, but yes, 5 is a lot.
And you'll only see 6 sharps or flats maximum as 7 sharps equal 5 flats.
Looks very hard but is actually kind of simple take that from somebody that has been playing for 4 years though it is still possible as long as you give it time and DETERMINATION!!!!!!!!!
You know you will be able to play it.
*Press Z*
It fill you with DETERMINATION
*Press Z*
*Clicks on No to return to your last save and hear it again*
hey can you pick that up for me? i think i dropped my jaw.

i need to die
Yes, I'm sure it is. Even the parts where both hands hit the same note.
i like how you shortened ritardando into ritard.
get it, like retard?

I'll just leave now sry
Those were my thoughts when I first saw it also;3;
I like the "with determination" at the top of page 1
in measure 105, its two measures of that whole note
For the playback to be more accurate, yes.
When someone is playing it, they can just add a ritenuto or a fermata there.
I'll add a fermata myself.
The left hand at measure 11 doesn't sound right. At some parts it's the wrong notes, and also it's the wrong rhythm
I know what you mean, the notes are not at the right octave, which makes it sounds different.
If you here wrong notes, tell me where and I'll look into it, it's quite possible.
The rhythm IS wrong. It has been simplified for playability's sake.
Awesome! Actually downloaded it and printed it and learned how to play it!!!!!!!!!
i fear no man, but this thing?....

....It scares me
Yaoi Hands (3, but 2 is manageable.)
I got all three and the only thing I got out of it was a SORE WRIST, OW
maybe we need four yaoi hands instead of three then
Thanks! I can't wait to play this! Thanks for posting this!!! ^-^
I dont know how i will learn this but i will do it
Even I just play a simplified version of this as some left hand part are difficult. Like at mesure 11, I don't play the top notes of the left hand... yet.
imma try this... if I succeed, I'm going to upload this to my channel. (with permission of course :D )
As I've posted previously, this is a modified version of this one here done by Marioverehrer:

I didn't like how the part after 3:03 sounded like. I also changed some chords and rhythm.
Im gonna try to learn this! (and have my sis translate the bass clef lol)
Same here lol